22 thoughts on “In the Hizouse

  1. Yes, I have to say, I was very very very impressed. I am actually looking more forward to the season than I was prior to the episode.

    Man, its hard to comment without giving the show away, lol.

    I’m very happy with the direction they are going and look forward to filling my DVR with lots of good House.

    1. Well, that happens to us a lot too, but this year I actually went and checked up what shows were airing when. Missing House would have been INCONCEIVABLE!

      1. You seem a decent fellow… I hate to kill you.

        (D’oh, I should have saved that for a Secret World post. It’ll have to be my motto over there. :D)

  2. I agree with you Ysh, it was great. I haven’t been that excited for a tv show ever like I was for House last night.
    But I was under the impression that there was a significant portion of the season that takes place in the mental hospital.

    1. Heh, all I need to do is start running through some memorable lines in my head.

      I can’t say “revenge” anymore — it always comes out as “I vill have my rewengey!”

      And of course, I can’t mention wise women without also mentioning wild stabs in the dark and it just goes downhill from there.

      Last but not least, Manamar will confirm that I have a special fondness for “Who’s Queen?!” 😛

    1. RL > TV* > MMOs

      The hardest thing about MMOs is … realising that the hardest thing is to log out. Once you know that, it’s easy.

      I’m not saying I don’t play more than I probably should, but RL and work stuff don’t suffer for it. Least, I don’t think so. 😉

      See what you made me do? Shame on you for making me give a straight reply to an ironic comment!

      * Edited to add: TV = books movies music TV radio newspapers… all that fun stuff.

  3. I watched it on my DVR last night (season premier of Heroes wins by a scant amount over House). It was amazing. I’m just left asking this at the very end of it: Do you think it’s real, or was it all a scheme?

    1. You mean, will he fall off the wagon? My money is on Hell Yeah — it’s not that easy to beat addiction, and it’s not like the pain is gone. Also, the cynical side of me says that’s the *core* of what the show is about, so it’s going to take a lot of creative thinking to shift that while remaining believable and true to Miserable-Git House. After all, who wants to watch Sunshine-and-Daisies House?

      On the other hand, if any writing team can do it, I suspect this one can.

      1. Go one deeper than that. Was all of what he did up to the end part of a scheme to just get out? The smile he had on the bus as he left, was that a genuine smile of happiness? It looked more like the smug smile of intellectual superiority upon victory that House has than anything else. As he asked in the courtyard, what’s the difference between pretending to cooperate and actually cooperation. Did he go along with it all, take the meds and all that, just with the final goal of getting the letter, and getting out, with no intention of ACTUALLY staying sober.

        Of course, even if he does stay sober, he’s not going to be Sunshine-and-daises. Even the flashbacks of him before he had his accident and his woman was still with him, shows he wasn’t super-friendly-happy-fun-time guy.

      2. Oh aye, I got distracted, but I did see the lip curl when he stepped out the doors.


        Also of course there has as yet been no sign of CTB, but that doesn’t mean she’s gone.

  4. I hate that they do what they do, as much as I love House. See, on Mondays my daughter has dance, so I miss the show. And I can’t watch it online until *8* days have passed. Which means I miss *2* shows, because I have this thing about not watching them out of order. And then I get all depressed and don’t watch them at all.

    But House is awesome. We should all be a little more like him, only without the drugs. Or maybe with. I’m not sure yet.

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