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Okay, I totally lied — those are the eminent and very deserving Rock, Paper, Shotgun’s google reader stats. Now, I’m not actually very fussed about readership numbers (just as well, and just as well I have a day job!), but those numbers make me go “wow” all the same. That’s a damn sight more readers than some paper-papers get these days, and probably more than most of the gaming mags I used to buy back in the day. Do those even still exist in paper form? (Rhetorical question!)

Course, it’s probably also a damn sight more work than I’d ever be prepared to put into a blog. 😉

This mostly as an RPS plug — I don’t read every last post they put up, but the stuff that interests me is consistently excellently-written and entertaining. Check it out if you haven’t already.

In other news, it’s International Talk Like A Pirate Day, so those of you stuck at work can ARRRRR! your boss with maybe a slightly lower chance of walking the career plank. Pirates beat ninjas any day of my week. Hrm… I feel a poll coming on.

In other other news, I’m up to 137 feeds in my reader. I keep thinking I should prune out some of the older and probably defunct entries, but I can’t quite bring myself to do it and it’s not like I’m being charged by the feedage pound. In any case, Syp, it’s only a few Syp people who post Syp like the hoes of Babylon, Syp, and make the rest of us slackers look bad. Not that I’d name names.

I once caught a reader THIS big!
I once caught a reader THIS big!

15 thoughts on “Read ’em and weep

  1. Ever since The Ancient Gaming Noob says size doesn’t matter then called Tobold a porn star bloggers have been obsessed with numbers.

    Size doesn’t matter, really.

    And before you ask no that does not mean I’ve got a small one. It might be quite small by some people’s standards but…


    1. I’ve never been obsessed with numbers. I could go dig out the posts where I’ve been saying that for the past year (as long as I’ve been doing this blog), but that would be like protesting too much.

      I was, however, pleased at RPS’s readership because I think it’s a quality publication and I had no idea it was quite so huge. My interest was more in giving them props for good stuff than in measuring blog-peens. 😀

  2. So what are you saying here? I can’t quite make it out, what with those striked-through words.

  3. I enjoy RPS and glad I found them. They deserve the success (if that’s even the right word) cause they write good stuff and have a really nice vibe to the site.

    As for feeds, I know what you mean. I’ve got hundreds of feeds in my reader now too but I enjoy keeping up to date with everyone’s blogs so I wouldn’t be able to delete many, if any 🙂

  4. Do numbers really matter? I mean, when you post controversial stuff, doesn’t that pretty much mean you’ll get feedback of some sort?

    I mean, just look at the ham vs. bacon?

    1. See my response to the Stabster above 😉

      Numbers don’t matter to me, but when you’re a publication like RPS, I think they probably do. RPS isn’t just some random bint doing her own thing on her blog (like me), so for them I should imagine that readership numbers do matter. Having almost 200k subscribers (counting only google reader, I think?) has got to be a pretty good thing for them.

      1. Aye, if I were doing this for a living, I’d obsess about throughput and advertising eyeballs. As it is, blogging is a labor of love (or at least insomnia), so numbers only matter inasmuch as it’s a gauge of what people find interesting. (I still get the most hits on my old articles on Atlantica Online… haven’t touched the game in months.)

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