dragon2No, hype-machine, no! You shall not have me!

Even your clever Hitchcockian trailers and attractive websites can’t sway me!

… What’s that you say? A test? Oh, I’m a sucker for tests. Can’t be any harm in taking that real quick. Nobody has to know.

A dragon, eh? No big surprise there — fits my chaotic good beeding heart liberal RL personality.

I wasn’t here. You didn’t read this.

Dragon wallpaper 1920 - click through then save as
Dragon wallpaper 1920 - click through then save as

18 thoughts on “Shhhhhh…

  1. I thought I’d be a dragon, but I got Illuminati instead 😐 Go go pretty-boy-conquer-the-world-while-drunk-and-partying playboy that is me, I guess.

    1. Yeah yeah yeah. We all know that at the end of a hard day’s night, you strip off the playboy latex costume to reveal the gnome of Zurich underneath. You can’t fool the eye of the dragon, you know.

  2. I got a Dragon as well, even pasted it onto my FB page I thought it was so cool. I guess it was a foregone conclusion. I’m too subtle to be a Templar and too caring to be Illuminati.

    Well, I guess round four of the MMO struggle will be set in the land of modernity eh? Funcom, CCP, – and whatever that modern spy one is I keep hearing uninteresting rumors about.

    All I want to know is – WHERE IS THE SHADOWRUN MMO YOU MORONS.

    Ahem. Sorry about that…

  3. I still don’t know all that much about these “societies”, especially the iterations we see in the game… but yes, that quiz marks me as a Double Dragon. (The Chinese Zodiac thinks I’m a Fire Dragon.)


    Subtle, sneaky, manipulative. I *do* like Tactics games, and love strategy. So, the next question is: How do I use my blog to take over the world?

    1. Funny thing is, I’d not call myself liberal on the political spectrum. I’m not sure I see that in the Dragon society, either. Even their “respect the balance of the universe” mentality seems more centric than what I’d call “liberal”. Ah, well. It mattereth little when it’s a Dragonic duty to manipulate both ends against each other.


      1. It probably is, strictly (politically) speaking. Maybe I’m too accustomed to describing myself in the current western dichotomous political fashion (either left OR right).

        My chaoticness, if any, comes from the fact that I’m quite willing to break rules if those rules don’t make sense to me (e.g. drug laws, censorship laws) or I feel there’s some over-riding need. Other than that I’m actually shamefully law-abiding.

      2. Aye, I have little compunction to follow stupid rules, and challenge foolish traditions all over the place, but I follow laws I agree with carefully. It seems you and I are of like minds. Again. 🙂

        And yes, the dichotomy of “left or right, nothing else” is deeply ingrained in the media and culture. The perfect environment for a Dragon to manipulate zealots and make both parties work to some end that neither would necessarily embrace.



      3. Keep in mind too that here in America, Conservatives aren’t actually conservative and Liberals aren’t actually liberal. We’re stubborn and rebellious like that…

        I wish there were a good PnP RPG that hit on the themes that this game does. The WOD setting doesn’t quite hit it…

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