It’s Friday, cut me some content slack


It may be that I’m light-headed with hunger (yay for forgetting to defrost stuff the night before), or that I’m in a silly mood (I’m only a model), or that I’ve had too much caffeine — naah, there’s no such thing. Maybe all of the above.

WARNING: This post has zero blogging nutritional value. Don’t come crying to me.

Vote now! Don’t be a sideline square! There’s no “WTF is Marmite?” option because there’s no neutrality where Marmite is concerned. Whether you know it or not you either love it or you hate it. For the purposes of this poll, Marmite = Vegemite. I know they’re not the same, but close enough.

EDIT — for you EQ2 fans, this is entirely Domino’s fault. (Note also new blogroll entry: G.I.R.L)

17 thoughts on “It’s Friday, cut me some content slack

    1. In what way? It’s a busy blog day for me, heh — 2 posts.

      Other than that… it’s Friday. That explains everything. Also, I’m a Marmite lover and will lose Marmite Points (TM) if I don’t proselytise now and then. The Marmite Police will come get me and you really don’t want to know how they school people.

  1. Hot crumpet, load with butter, top with Marmite, cream cheese and mayo. Then die from cholesterol overload (but happy!!)

    1. You lost me at Mayo, and you know what mayo fiend I usually am. But Marmite and cream cheese is heavenly, provided you eat it before the marmite eats the cream cheese (sort of like acid, now I think about it…).

      Moving swiftly onwards…

  2. Dear God, no.

    Just no.

    Pitrelli recently did a post talking about Marmite, and I’ll tell you what I told him:

    In High School, one of my best friends was from South Africa originally, and I got to try a lot of “traditional” British foods I otherwise would not have had the chance for (real meat pies = win). Marmite was one of these things.

    They all laughed heartily at the face I made when I tasted it. I will never let such vile-tasting food touch my tongue again, in fear of heavenly retribution for partaking of such taste-bud destroying food enter my mouth.

  3. Vegemite is the king of spreads. (Not this Marmite rubbish!) True that it’s an acquired taste, but those that don’t acquire it are wimps!!!!


  4. I … I’ve never had it before, so I can’t participate. Oh dear. Though, I have heard the raging debates about this numerous times before. πŸ˜€

  5. Aaaaah Marmite πŸ™‚ I used it to describe Champions Online and the variety of bloggers views.

    It certainly is a love or hate kind of thang!

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