It’s Friday, cut me some content slack


It may be that I’m light-headed with hunger (yay for forgetting to defrost stuff the night before), or that I’m in a silly mood (I’m only a model), or that I’ve had too much caffeine — naah, there’s no such thing. Maybe all of the above.

WARNING: This post has zero blogging nutritional value. Don’t come crying to me.

Vote now! Don’t be a sideline square! There’s no “WTF is Marmite?” option because there’s no neutrality where Marmite is concerned. Whether you know it or not you either love it or you hate it. For the purposes of this poll, Marmite = Vegemite. I know they’re not the same, but close enough.

EDIT — for you EQ2 fans, this is entirely Domino’s fault. (Note also new blogroll entry: G.I.R.L)


dragon2No, hype-machine, no! You shall not have me!

Even your clever Hitchcockian trailers and attractive websites can’t sway me!

… What’s that you say? A test? Oh, I’m a sucker for tests. Can’t be any harm in taking that real quick. Nobody has to know.

A dragon, eh? No big surprise there — fits my chaotic good beeding heart liberal RL personality.

I wasn’t here. You didn’t read this.

Dragon wallpaper 1920 - click through then save as
Dragon wallpaper 1920 - click through then save as