Foof ‘er? I hardly knew ‘er!

You know how this works: if you’ve linked to me (thanks!) and I’ve not linked to you, let me know here and I’ll remedy the situation. Unless you’re a post-stealing, shady pretend-blogging site in which case you can bite me, or maybe I’ll bite you. And if you’re a Russian spammy dodgy watch-selling site, same deal. Though for all I know they’re perfectly legit; my Cyrillic is a little rusty. Riiiight.

And oooh, the noive! The foofery google image title has been usurped! This shall not go unfought! Meanwhile, the usurper can have a free link and wonder what the hell this strange site is that’s linking to him. Go internet freedom! (Good blog/site name too.)

This means it’s time for a foofery picture. Hrm… I know! I’ll steal Arbitrary’s schtick and find a cute baby animal! (Cute baby animal… tautology?)


EDIT – Here’s a new one: Caladwen’s Gaming Blog – say, r u a girl irl? (Prompted by Rivs’s Project Gender Bender, which he needs to update! stat!)

EDIT2 — and another, Bootae’s Bloody Blog, which confuses me because I’m sure I had that one already. Sorry Boots – maybe I got frisky with the delete links button one day and didn’t realise the havoc I was wreaking. (And btw, you Americans and your kerniggits, it’s WROUGHT!! not WREAKED!! I don’t care what the dictionaries say, and I don’t care that it’s perfectly acceptable modern usage. Bah humbug. Bring back gaslight, floggings, and excessive use of whalebone. Tally ho!)

EDIT3 — I know I added this site months ago. Okay, apparently I didn’t… Today is “show Ysharros how senile she’s getting” day. /headdesk. Anyway, ya, here: Portraits of WAR. Good art n stuff!