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bourbon1Let’s have a nice large helping of blogger drama to start the working week. No, I shouldn’t keep stirring the pot. But it’s early, I’ve not had a lot of coffee yet, and I’m going to stick my own very small oar in the “he said, she said” mix. Tobold’s oar is the size of the freakin’ Titanic, so he wins by default.

Tobold is not pleased to be mentioned on Twitter. By this I am assuming he’s referring to the bantering that went on a few days ago regarding several posts on his blog, and by the resulting LfGCV posts.

I’m sure the incoming traffic the various posts generated was fine, as long as we don’t, you know, have the temerity to actually say anything.

And apparently those of us who got his Gevlon joke and appreciated his puzzlement with the fact that people comment far more on the fluff than they do on our opus magnae are just nasty trolls who would never have made it past the comment moderation over there.

I appreciate not liking to find out that third-hand people have written about one. However, Tobold obviously doesn’t mind the incoming links people send him — like the three just in this one post. So what does he mind? Not having any facetious mention cleared with him beforehand?

Newsflash: if I hated Tobold’s stuff and thought he wasn’t worth reading, I would. not. link. to. him. That shouldn’t be too hard to understand.

So why are my panties now in a bunch? Because a) it was harmless fun, b) if you hear rumours it pays to check them out before going off on one, c) I dislike being told off from on high in that passive-aggressive fashion so common to bloggers (and which I’m using now, but at least I’m linking), and d) the whole martyr things gets a little fucking old. Really. We’re on your bloody side, Tobold. Or were.

I get that Tobold is a much bigger blogger than I could ever be, and I get that Tobold is an internet celebrity, and I guess that means I have to get that he’s far too important to check facts or ever visit anyone else’s blog. That does not give him the right to get mean about random folks because he’s pissed with blogging in general.

Sure, I should have kept quiet. But why? Apparently I’m an evil troll and this place is the only place I can express myself in an unmoderated fashion. And you know what? Apart from the evil troll bit, it’s true. This is MY place. If I want to make a joke, I can. I am not a cruel person and I don’t make fun of people intentionally when I don’t think they’ll like it. The stupidity of this is that all we did was agree with Tobold and drive traffic his way.

I should have enemies like that. Seriously.

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  1. He still made me feel guilty, which I assume was the point. Is a good job I didn’t list the others I removed from my feed reader.

    Tobold is a good blogger, but I’m not interested in the why’s and wherefores of blogging. These days I want to read what my friends write. And I don’t often read WoW posts.

    Instead of dwelling on the twat-factor, which I don’t regret mentioning on twitter, I’m just focusing on ignoring it and remembering my opinions are as valid as Tobold’s. And twitter is a place I can express them.

  2. I don’t read the dude (I don’t get why people are so enamored with him…there are much better, much more interesting bloggers out there) but hearing 2nd hand that he claimed to be someone else… that was slimy, joke or not.

    Unless there’s some nuance I missed from hearing it all 2nd hand, though I can’t imagine what nuance would excuse that kind of a stunt.

    1. There definitely *was* a nuance. Gevlon is a wannabe-Nietzschean idiot (which is why he gets no link here), whereas Tobold is pretty much the opposite in his blogging.

      It was actually pretty funny if you’ve ever read either of them.

      What irks me is that an homage should automatically be assumed to be an attack. I get that Tobold is mad at the internet and at bloggers, but that doesn’t mean I have to lie down, think of England, and take it without comment. πŸ˜›

    2. Oh, and while I may not personally like what all the people on my blogroll have to say, they’re on there because I think someone will find them interesting and because I don’t utterly disagree with their basic stance (as I do with Gevlon’s). I don’t read Tobold in depth all that often, but he does have interesting stuff to say, as do the rest of us.

      I’m reconsidering, however. The passive-aggressive thing and the martyr thing are pissing me off.

      YSH SMASH!!! πŸ˜€

  3. Part of it also appears to be his self admitted inability to work with 140 characters. We tweeted, a joke occured and it snowballed into something funny. All in all harmless fun, drove traffic his way and shows the versatility of social networking.

    But no, apparently it’s all bad, we should be ashamed and only real bloggers skip Twitter.

    Also I would like to call bullshit on him deleting his twitter as he didnt like the character restraint. This is the guy who also had to redirect to

  4. To be honest, until Ysharros posted about it, I didn’t know it led back to Tobold.

    I will say one thing though – I’ve achieved success on his level and more in the area of convention planning and online community management, and I never, never thought I was bigger than my peers or fell in love with my own work, which is the impression I get from Tobold’s occasional clashes with other blogs and even his own readers. That’s not the Overly Positive way, and it isn’t mine, either.

    1. I’ve got a different perspective on that. I think he’s peeved with blogging, for whatever reason, or with the blogging community, which admittedly can often be as idiotic as any other very large but only loosely-bound community.

      There may be some guru syndrome going on too, but I don’t know him well enough to say so. Besides, I suspect that when one gets that big the whole guru thing is hard to avoid. I’ve seen it happen many times, and it does creep up on one.

      Luckily for them, the friends it happened to had me to deflate them. πŸ˜‰

    2. I still say you need to make a sister site called Increasingly Negative to put all your bad thoughts into. You could go with the whole split personality thing and yell at yourself about topics.

      The Slurms motto: Always look at both sides of the fence!

      1. My bad thoughts mostly get fed into Force Choking innocent civvies in KOTOR and shooting bums in the back of the head in Fallout 3.

  5. I thought his Gevlon-persona thing was fun, although possibly ethically questionable. Now Gevlon doesn’t always play it nice to other bloggers, so I guess it’s alright in this case.

    The follow-up posts such as Krizzlybear pretending to be Onyxia (or was it the other way round?) were just humourus and fun and I don’t think that Tobold minded, in case he’s read it.

    I don’t make any secret of that the Twitter thing is incomprehensible to me. And reading about how people started to talk about Tobold, suggesting blacklisting and stuff… I can actually understand that it associates to school yard mechanisms. You have to be very thick-skinned not to care about it. I know at least that I would feel a bit hurt if I realized that fellow bloggers who I read, loved and respected were talking behind my back that way.

    Personally I wouldn’t google-check what people are twittering about me. The less I know the happier I am. As long as they don’t troll my inn, I’m fine in my own little bubble. πŸ™‚

    Anyway: right now I just want the blogosphere to get over this and move on. For my own part I am and remain a fanboy, or should I say fangirl, of Tobold’s.

    1. Blacklisting?! I guess I wasn’t reading the right tweets then — but that does make Tobold’s reaction much more understandable. All the tweets I saw (and I like my sanity, so I don’t follow many people) thought the Gevlon thing was funny, and agreed about the post/comment thing. Oddly enough, most of the people I follow on Twitter are bloggers too. πŸ˜‰

    2. So now we gotta get Larisa on Twitter!! C’mon Ysh, you’re charming…. you do it. I just scare people away. πŸ™‚

      1. I’m still ambivalent about Twitter! πŸ˜€ Though I’ll admit, it’s pretty user-friendly — when I’m manic and/or sociable, it’s there. When I’m not, I can ignore it. It’s not like I’m going to miss anything huge by not reading the updates.

        I think the biggest trick with Twitter is just that: getting away from the idea that you have to READ it all. It’s more like background conversation than direct chat.

        And it does have some sizeable pluses: instant support network is great in those low moments, and having folks to ask questions of or hear gossip from is kinda fun too.

        (Yes, I have nothing better to do this morning. No work, which is good… and bad. And yes, we have no bananas.)

      2. Yeah, learning to view Twitter as a river is key. You dip in when you’re thirsty, but you sure don’t try to drink it all; that’d kill you!

      3. I think it is pretty entertaining to see what you guys are up to. I also like how it is a little faster than an RSS reader.

        My general assumption is that anyone who subscribes to ES would like to know when I ramble. Maybe not though!

  6. It is really hilarious how bad I am at predicting what will get comments. What I consider my better work is usually terrible on the comment front. On the other hand some of my weaker stuff blows up.

    I am glad nobody cares enough to get upset at me on this sort of thing. I just thought it was fun to put up something random for once and make a joke.

    Who knew I’d be offending someone.

  7. Still feeling guilty though, I made a throwaway twitter comment that I was done with Tobold. Not suggesting he get blacklisted, after all my readership is very minor. I only ever skimread anyway!

  8. You have nothing to feel guilty about, Arb. Tobold pulls out the martyr card from time to time, and there’s really no winning against it.

    1. From time to time? That’s like saying that wolves eat rabbits every now and then. Or that Keen switches MMOs every once in a while.

      Serious understatement.

      (couldn’t avoid the snarky comment)

  9. Yeah Arbitrary, don’t feel guilty. I’m sure there was a lot worse stuff on there about him anyways. Besides, I bet you cracked more people up with that twat comment than Toby convinced to feel bad for him.

  10. It’s the whole classic celebrity culture. Everyone wants success and wants to be popular with tons of people watching/listening/reading them yet they all complain when anything negative and silly is said. It’s part of the parcel unfortunately.

  11. Who the hell is Tobold? Of course, I cant tell you the pseudonym of the person that writes Stylish Corpse, either. I’ll look after I post this.

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