The Post With No Name*


(Or: Move over EQ2 crafting, it’s bloodsucking time!)

So, if Spinks is right in suspecting the imminent announcement by CCP of something regarding the much-anticipated (by me, at least!) World of Darkness MMO, then there’s one thing I want to know.

If we’re talking only leeches and not garou, what clan would you play?

Assuming they remain as they currently are in the WoD setting, here’s a refresher, with my certainly-very-biased, decade out of touch commentary. {Pause while Ysh goes off in search of the current WoD clan list. Ysh hasn’t played WoD since the mid-90s. Ysh discovers, thanks to the WoD Wiki, that things have changed in her absence. What’s this? No Malkavians? No Toreador? That’s it, I’m storming out of here!}

  • Daeva – wannabe Toreadors. Oh, don’t bother denying it, you know it’s true. (They now contain what-was-Clan T as a bloodline, in fact, so the apple didn’t have far to climb back into the tree. Or something.)
  • Gangrel – I still have the Gangrel T-Shirt I bought at Euro GenCon in 1991. Nuff said. It is so holy it’d probably drive vamps away by now, and has the consistency of tissue paper, but it’s my favourite T-shirt. That said, I’m not biased or anything. For the uninitiated (who might still think this is a serious poll), Gangrel are outdoorsy types ranging from Tarzan of the Apes to Greenpeace types to the Unabomber and including Eartha Kitt as Catwoman. How can you resist?
  • Mekhet — dunno much about these but from a glance at the wiki, they seem to be lurkers in shadow without the Nosferatu uglies. Could be interesting, provided we don’t end up with 18,674 undead Aragorns. Oh, God help us.
  • Nosferatu — leper, outcast, unclean! If you haven’t seen the Murnau classic, go watch it now! Sure, the special effects are dated, but this is what it’s all about baby. While you’re at it, you should probably also watch Martin (irritating but still a classic), Innocent Blood, and Near Dark (that’s a bunch of gangrel right there).**
  • Ventrue — the ones who think they rule the rest of em. Best Ventrue quote of my tabletop gaming days: “They may be backstabbing bastards, but they’re our backstabbing bastards!” Maybe you had to be there.

If I only get to pick one, it’ll have to be a Gangrel. I just can’t help myself. What about you?

* I forgot to give the post a title. This is an edit. I wasn’t here. You didn’t see me. Move along now.

** Or you could just check out this rather excellent list of the top 70 sucky movies of all time for inspiration. John Carpenter and Mr Coppola weren’t the only people to make vampire movies, ya know? (Thank god.)

25 thoughts on “The Post With No Name*

  1. I’m not fond of the new WoD. Played a lot of the old system in college (back in the day), and the new setting just doesn’t do it for me. The new stuff may not have all the meta-plot stuff that kind of bogged the world down, but it also didn’t have that special spark.

    I mean, when I could sum up the old Werewolf setting as “shape-shifting eco-terrorists” people took note. The new Werewolf seems more like “spirit beat cops”. Not as inspiring.

    Ysharros wrote:
    leper, outcast, unclean!

    Wrong setting. Although the Bloodguard as vampires is an interesting idea….

    1. New Mage is actually awesome. The Vampire stuff is good, but .. I agree, it just doesn’t have that gonzo goth-romantic spark that it used to. I think they threw that out deliberately, not realising that while they might feel all cool and grown up and edgy, it lost some of the charm.

    2. I am allowed to mix setting analogies if I want! You can’t stop me! 😀

      I haven’t played any VtM (as it used to be known…) since before any changes were made to it. Hell, I remember the days of eleventy zillion side sourcebooks — Mummy (hah!), various bloodlines (Assamites, Ravnos, etc.), and whatever else.

      As I was just enthusing to the spousal unit though, a HUGE part of the fun of playing Vampire was the politicking and dirty deeds done discreetly. Despite the flaws inherent in the “buckets o’dice” game system. (We actually adapted the Ars Magica system for use instead — it was very similar, which isn’t too surprising given that WW owned the rights to that game for a while.)

      1. Yeah, there were a few “but it sounded like a good idea at the time” issues with the old system (Salubri? really?) Thankfully, the systems were mostly modular so you could pick and choose what you wanted in your campaign. (Of course, that’s about as easy as agreeing what to order on the pizza that week….)

    1. Hah no, they’re not movies of the 70s, they’re 70 great vampire movies. Though the 70s DID have a lot of good vamp movies, come to think of it.

      Another generally unknown gem is Cronos. Great, great movie.

  2. its early and pilates just kicked my ass, my vision is blurred! I need a cup of joe!

  3. I love World of Darkness. WTF happened to my favorite clan, the followers of Set.

    Ok, I’m gonna have to be a werewolf then.

  4. I know very little of the Vampire lore, but I played the CCG for a bit back in high school, and the name “Toreador” amused me due to all the vowels.

    The challenge will be to see how the political back-channel stuff works out in a massive online setting. Then again, I guess that’s basically how EVE works now, so if anyone can get the gameplay right, it’s going to be CCP. I just hope they’re ready for the Twilight crowd….

    1. Our problem most of the time was not breaking into “Carmen” every time we met one or played one or talked about one…

      1. Or perhaps a safety pin tucked in the side of your mouth! I remember the infamous Pete Whale Mammoth Vampire Freeform – disappointingly free of mammoths as it was. Ah! The days of your costume being a black t-shirt and jeans!

        Of course, Richard Bennett still came in the Omni-CostumeTM

      2. Hey, that safety pin thing served me well as a punk on secondary school Fun Days, and has served me well ever since. I love my pin!

  5. This ought to be interesting. The community dynamic alone for a WoD MMO will be popcorn worthy. Old school RPG’ers vs. Twilight tweeners vs. True Blood fanatics? Sounds like an old school throwdown!

      1. Anne Ricicles will be easy to spot. Surrounded by purple prose bemoaning their existence!

    1. That’s because a lot of people just chose to play Malkavians as psycho killers and/or multiple personalities. It did get a little monotonous. That said, my ex played some of the best Malkavians evar, and none of them were psychotic or had more than one person inside their head.

      It’s a problem with the vampire setting in general — the Nosferatu and Toreador were often just as stereotypical, not to mention the Brujah. But I guess you get that in all games (the chaste upright paladin, the Aragorn type, etc etc).

  6. Hrrm, tricky. I need to read through the new sourcebook. I played a few Toreadors in my time (from a hairdresser to a fireworks display designer.. go figure!)…

    I like Garou, so Gangrel appeal but Spinks says they went a bit Brujah…

    Mekhet sound intriguing, and I always liked Nosferatu.

    I’m just not a good Ventrue 🙂

    I’ll see what they come up with and pick one I want a nice background for.

    But if it was down to me, I’d probably pick a free-spirited Ravnos! So maybe Gangrel, Daeva or one of the creepy ones. I’m leaving my options open!

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