This is not a post

It’s a public service announcement.

He took my stapler and he never brought it back.

Though I doubt the veracity of Melmoth’s chatlog — no MMO player these days uses a) punctuation and b) complete sentences, let alone complete words. Unless the log was edited to protect the vestiges of our sanity.

Oh, and one more thing: pix or it didn’t happen.

8 thoughts on “This is not a post

  1. I humbly disagree. Other than what I consider acceptable abbreviations such as LFG, LFM, or LOL 😉 I will always use punctuation & complete sentences when chatting. Then again, I can also type very quickly, so I don’t find it necessary to type ‘2’ instead of ‘to’, etc, not that you really save much time doing that anyway.

    Not only do I use full sentences, but I’ve actually had people get offended by my doing so. Yes, some people have actually taken it personally because I use full sentences when chatting. I find that laughable, because it’s almost always the case that those who take offense are the ones attempting to offend others themselves.

    That was an awesome read! I’m definitely going to have add KIASA to my Reader.

  2. I use full sentences with proper spelling and punctuation as well, even online. Then again, I am something of an outlier on the bell curve. KIASA is a lot of fun. 🙂

  3. It goes without saying that anyone reading this is not one of the conversational chimps I mention above.

    Or rather, it’s been said now. 😛

  4. I also use full sentences, correct (as possible) spelling and punctuation in game. I judged recruits by whether or not they typed you or u during their interview.

    1. So did we in Ni ( back in the early WoW days when I officered for a bit. It wasn’t necessarily a deal-breaker, because there’s a bit of a generational thing going on there too, but it raises a few warning flags. If you can’t be arsed to express yourself when you’re in a primarily typed medium (which I guess is getting less so now), you probably can’t be arsed to be much of a guildie either.

  5. Though I doubt the veracity of Melmoth’s chatlog

    Indeed, it has been through the sanity filter somewhat.

    I seem to suffer a sort of allergic reaction to typing like the average MMO player; I can only assume that it’s something to do with having to type using the knuckles of one’s clenched fists for long periods at a time.

    Thanks for the pimping, I must say you look rather fetching in that purple fedora.

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