Hobo to the max

Thanks to RPS’s link, I have discovered this little gem: Alice and Kev.

Alice & Kev
Alice & Kev

It’s a Sims3 diary and experiment, and it’s already fascinating. It’s also not helping a) my desire to buy that game and b) my increasing twitchy need to get a new computer. Our current rigs are 3 and a half years old and they weren’t cutting edge when we built them (we went more for “affordable” back then), and I’m still enough of a nerd that I start to feel inadequate if I’m not upgrading at most every 2 years, though I’ve been getting around that by making small and/or incremental upgrades — new gfx cards, new monitors, etc — every so often. Still, it would be nice to be able to crank up the graphics on EQ2…

Happy Sunday.

EDIT — thanks to a grocery trip that took us entirely too close to Best Buy ( *innocent look* ), I am now the proud owner of a Collector’s Edition of Β The Sims 3. I have already told Mort that my playtime is to be strictly controlled, knowing my obsessive tendencies with the other Sim-games (not the Sims, but SimCity and its various spinoffs).

The collector’s edition came with a gimmick, but it impressed me so it’s a good gimmick: a 2GB USB drive cleverly hidden inside a lime-green plastic lozenge… which also has a doohickey to clip on to a keychain or, as provided, a lime-green carabiner. Gimmicky for sure, but neat. There are other goodies like some kind of sports car and a $10 Sims store credit, but it was the included strategy guide that sold the package, since I was going to get one anyway. From previous experience, most Sim-games are complex enough that a guide is never superfluous. Besides, I’m one of those weird people who actually enjoys reading game guides.

That is all. Time to install! (…as soon as I finish wrestling with the DVD case wrapper and protections.)

5 thoughts on “Hobo to the max

  1. Congrats! I hope the strategy guide is more informative than the one that came with my Direct2Drive download. I think that might have been a “mini-guide” though, so it’s possible it was just the basic information.

    I loved the diary blog. I saw it mentioned on the launcher (first item that wasn’t just a dazzling review of the game) but didn’t pay attention until I saw you link to it. Brilliant! I’m amazed at how creative and thoughtful the blogger is. The most creative thing I’ve come up with is trying to populate my town with blue Sims. So far it’s slow going, but soon!

    1. Well… I have yet to find it. I thought it would install a PDF version or something somewhere, but all I’ve found so far is a coupon for 25% OFF the guide if I buy it online. That doesn’t sound like “includes strategy guide” so unless it’s shameless false advertising (which I doubt), I just haven’t found it. I probably need to go download it from somewhere but damned if I know where yet. πŸ˜€

      1. .. as it turned out, I misread. It’s a Prima “hints and tips” guide and it’s a lousy 8 pages. I feel pretty cheated by that.

        Worse yet, my antiquated DVD drive (a mere 9 years old) won’t read the DVD, so I have to play on Mort’s machine for the time being. That’ll curtail my playtime if nothing else does! πŸ˜‰

      2. 8 pages, that sounds like what I got as well. The other thing was that Direct2Drive offered an additional $10 voucher for the Sim store, but I haven’t figured out how to obtain it yet. Blegh.

        Enjoy the game ;p

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