Silent spammings

I must have arrived in the Blog world — I’m getting swamped by Russian spam. Or does that just make me a nouveau riche filthy arriviste?

As far as EQ2 goes, hubby is far more achiever-oriented than me and already has 183,403 faction with various people we want to have faction with. Me, I just went harvesting. Maybe I should get him to guest-write.

Many potentially bad things going on in my non-blog world right now, so the running may be quite silent. Or not. I reserve the right to be perverse and inconsistent.


10 thoughts on “Silent spammings

  1. I get that Russian spam just about daily. I’d thought it was tied to posting about WoW, but if you’re getting it and I’m still getting it, I guess that’s not it. Maybe the Russians think we both need wives or something.

  2. I started getting a ton of the Russian spam last week. Coincidence?

    I hope everything’s ok and that the potentially bad stuff… isn’t.

  3. Aye, I think the Russians are invading WordPress. I’ve seen a lot of it lately.

    *sends some good wishes to Ysh*

  4. I get it alot, I’m waiting for my Russian bride. She ain’t here yet…damn.

  5. Russian spam is pretty much all spam I get nowadays and has been for several weeks. Or at least the spam that is in some kind of readable language.

    But what they write is pretty similar to English language blog spammers, so not really any exciting.

  6. Hi Ysharros, as Apostle of Ultima Online I would not mind if you can tell me some EQ2-stories. I might comment and remind you and your hubby of your sinful and of course wrong ways, i.e. playing a sinful game based on a hellish and wrong basic systems! 🙂

    1. Remember, I’m a recent(ish) EQ2 convert. I only very briefly tried EQ and my main starting game was Asheron’s Call. So by all means carry on the EQ/UO rivalry. 😀

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