I was going to write “ding” but for one thing, people announcing that every 5 seconds in games kind of gets on my tits, and for another thing, it’s only a crafting max level so I’m not sure it really counts. (No, I’m not so curmudgeonly that I hate people who announce their levels, not at all. But Ding 1! — Ding 2! — Ding 3! — and so on just seems a little narcissistic to me, especially when it’s from people who then also get really pissy if the entire universe doesn’t shout instant and sincere congratulations. I love congratulating people; I just don’t like it when it’s forced down my throat. Anyway, moving on…)

Fairuza, my EQ2 Fury/Provisioner hit 80 a few days ago. It was oddly anticlimactic — I wasn’t expecting it, being busy throwing out crafting writs here and there whenever I could manage a few minutes online, and I hadn’t really been tracking my progress. It meant I wasn’t prepared to take the spiffy “hey! lookit my sparklies!” screenie most people seem to manage when they max-level a char in something; at least I remembered to record the moment for posterity, even if it’s not well-framed and a little over-exposed. Posterity, or until I next change my hard drive and forget to port my pictures.


I hit 60 (crafting) when that was the max, then 70 when that became the max in EQ2, so it’s not actually the first time. Given my crafting-hoishness, it’ll probably be more noteworthy if I ever hit adventuring max level. Don’t hold your breath.

That said, Fairuza has also gone from 38 to 43 (adventuring) in the last couple of days, which I’m rather proud of since that’s the highest combat level I’ve ever managed in EQ2. I’m sort of an accidental tourist as far as levelling in MMOs goes: when I level, it’s usually because I need to do so in order to be able to harvest or craft or do something else not really combat-related (like clear critters from harvester drop-sites in SWG). And as in most MMOs, raw materials often end up costing more in EQ2 than the finished product — all hail the grindy nature of craft levelling — so buying what I need for the rest of the Army of Craftness (who range from 40 to 61) isn’t really an option. I don’t mind spending money in games, but I do mind being ripped off for raw materials, or indeed anything else. Besides, I’m strange and I actively enjoy harvesting — I just need to be able to do it a little more safely in some of the higher-level zones.

Back in 2006, my swashbuckler was going to be my primary adventuring/harvesting char, but after a glorious run into the 30s, she seemed to become harder and harder to play — or rather, squishier and squishier, and picking up where I left off was tough. I’m sure a lot of that is having forgotten how to play her, and I should probably upgrade her gear, spells, achievement stuffs and whatnot… but playing the Fury again was like getting into old, comfy clothes (gear and spells or no gear and spells), so Fairuza is currently my “main” in all the traditional senses of the word, since she’s the highest-level all round.

As some of you may remember, I was going to fess up about alts and resubbing the old account when I’d solemnly sworn that I wouldn’t. I should have known myself a little better; in any game where a single character can’t explore most of the offered crafting (or to a lesser extent adventuring content), I will end up with alts, just so I can try everything out. I like to make stuff, and the more chars to make stuff the better.

Right now the new account has three characters on it, one of whom is probably destined for the delete bin sooner or later. The other two, however, I’ve been playing with the spousal unit. The first is a Warden (mirror of the Fury only more defensive), paired with hubby’s ranger, both of whom are now 30; I don’t enjoy the warden nearly as much as the fury, sadly, but I’ll carry on with her for now. The other char is a Troubador that’s paired with hubby’s new Illusionist. Thanks to this last weekend’s xp-extravaganza in some of the old-world zones and to the refer-a-friend xp’o’rama — which, with rest xp, added up to something like 400+% xp per kill — they went from 1 to 20 in just a few short hours. The troub is fun, as I expected, since I already have a dirge on the old account. I’d mentor down on some of the existing characters, but that extra xp bonus from the friend-referred accounts is just too tempting right now. That’ll go away in a few weeks anyway; I believe it only lasts 90 days, so sooner or later we’ll be back to plain old normal xp and then I’ll be happier mixing and matching with the old account. Until then, god knows I need all the adventuring xp bonuses I can get!

I’m glad I don’t know how to 2-box and probably couldn’t do it on a single machine — certainly not this 3+ year-old rig — because otherwise I’m sure I’d be pretty tempted. As I’ve said elsewhere, 2-boxing doesn’t particularly bother me, and it enables the ever-more common couple or friends-duo to tackle stuff that’s normally reserved for bigger groups; it’s 4 or 5 or 6-boxing that really irks me, because usually the only reason it’s done is to exploit, farm gold, or otherwise do stuff I tend to feel runs counter to the spirit of MMOs. (Yeah, we all have different opinions of that “spirit” — whatever floats your boat. Me, I’ll continue to be irked by conga-lines of 5 chars slavishly following the one in the lead.) I still don’t get how anyone can successfully run two active chars at the same time when I have enough trouble hitting all the right buttons for just one — or does the second char just follow along? That’s always puzzled me.

Knowing me and the spousal unit, we’ll be mulling over more alts sooner or later, and as usual I’m totally torn on what to pick. I’m going to try not to remake classes I already have, but that still leaves a ton of choices and when everything is equally tasty it usually takes me forever to make up my mind. Maybe I’ll just jab a pen at the char creation screen and see where it lands…

As I said a few weeks back, the Halasian Empire guild is a wonderful home for anyone on Lucan DLere looking for a casual, grown up, supportive but not smothering atmosphere. It’s not a very big guild, so if you need to see 26 people online every time you log on, it’s probably not for you — but I know many of you out there with similar play- and social-styles to mine, so if you’re on LDL or planning to try out EQ2, give us a shout!

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  1. Sounds like a fun weekend of play. Believe it or not I also have a warden and a fury — the fury’s 76, the warden’s 53. Frankly, I love them both. I’ve got the warden in a full melee spec, while the fury’s got the standard “dps/heal” spec. I know that soloing the warden will be harder once I get her up into RoK, but for now, I’d say that if anything, I like soloing with her MORE. But in groups she still doesn’t quite have all the tools yet that the fury does.

    FWIW, I also have a mystic and a defiler. And an inquisitor. Yeah, I like to heal. . .

  2. Congratulations! I’ve yet to see you online but I’m sure sooner or later I will. 🙂

    I’ve been enjoying my Fury as well; he dinged 30 adventuring levels last night. The other 6 alts are coming along nicely as well. I have to admit it was a struggle picking the two crafts I couldn’t practice… 7 character slots, 9 crafts, argh!

  3. Ysh! You had me at “gets on my tits”! I LOVE it!

    Congrats on your max level! I’m slogging through the 60s on my second to max TSer – my Froglok Pally Carpenter (Yrkin B’Gurggle on Antonia Bayle). The TS instances are a good source for post 50 levelling, if you don’t want to do all the harvesting.

    But like you, I love to harvest! No matter what alt I’m on, my play sessions eventually devolve into a grabby grab fest of anything not nailed down in the zone. There’s just something about the unknown when you click on the node, and MAYBE you’ll get a rare! WOOHOO! Another piece of bronze! Go me!

    I may have to sacrifice one of my AB babies and come visit on LDL for a bit!

  4. @foolsage, remind me — are you playing on LDL, or did you end up elsewhere? You may have to remind me of your charnames too. /smack self

    @JC — glad to hear it. I like healing too, and maybe part of me feeling the warden is less fun is because alongside the ranger, my damage contribution is maybe 5%… but rangers are built to do damage, and I have to admit, the warden tanks rather nicely when she has to.

    Speaking of healers, I’m looking to try a mystic again because I can’t remember what they were like from my brief stint a few years back. Any advice? (I like to do a little damage to go with my healing :D)

  5. @Matt — sorry, it spam marked you and I don’t know why. Silly filters 😐

    And yes, come to LDL! There’s always x-server chat but that’s a pain in the backside. I wonder if it would be easier to set up a x-server chat channel (voice or typed… I could live with voice — oh wait, my mum stole my mic (true story)), assuming those are even possible.

    Those TS instances require TSO, right? Hrm….. I feel my cottage-cheese strength resolve crumbling…

  6. @ Matt: I hear ya… I enjoy harvesting. That’s largely what I did last night, while slamming my head repeatedly against the final armour quest. Ergh, what shoddy design there; 5 quests that are quite soloable followed by one that absolutely requires a group, though the reward is no better than the initial 5 quests gave. Sure, that makes sense.

    @ Ysharros: Yeah, I’m on LDL now. My main is a Fae Fury 30/Tailor 23 named Aerd. Alts include Urrua, Ssrak, Tirn, Kurg, Aloro, and Laea. I think I spelled all those right. Ergh, now I’m second-guessing the name of my Wizzie; how terrible. It’s, um, something like Ssrak. * coughs * I feel like such a failure as a player.

  7. @Ysharros – I dunno why it does that spam block thing. Maybe the work computer? My yahoo email address? Made some adjustments, see if this one gets through for me. Pete & Angela’s blogs do the exact same thing. I usually send him a Tweet to tell him I posted.

    @foolsage – I don’t bother with the armor quests any more. I just make MC armor and leave it at that. Those things are NOT fun to do at appropriate level. I do come back to pick them up for appearances later on though. Just because I like my fluff.

    1. Dunno, Malf 🙁 It’s been doing the same to Makkaio, who has been commenting here for months (and was fine for a while). There’s something WP presumably doesn’t like about certain addresses, but damned if I can figure out what it is.

  8. @JC — glad to hear it. I like healing too, and maybe part of me feeling the warden is less fun is because alongside the ranger, my damage contribution is maybe 5%… but rangers are built to do damage, and I have to admit, the warden tanks rather nicely when she has to.

    Speaking of healers, I’m looking to try a mystic again because I can’t remember what they were like from my brief stint a few years back. Any advice? (I like to do a little damage to go with my healing 😀 )


    My warden was created about a year ago, shortly after Neriak and DLW were introduced. I did the quest progression there, then went to BBM, etc etc. At level 53, she’s got 62 AA’s. She had 21 for the full “melee spec” at level 20, so I was soloing blue ^^^ named from pretty early on without fear, and it only “got better” as I went. She’s a twink, so always had full MC gear and AD3 or M1 spells too. As a result of this, she does a lot of damage. I was once in a group in Crushbone Keep where I was the sole healer. I was also the #1 dps dealer in the group on the ZW parse — I even beat the wizard. Later on in my low 40’s I tanked a trio while we ran through the “By Hook or By. . . ” HQ.

    FWIW, after getting the melee stuff maxed out in the Warden tree, going back and getting the double-attack and the heal proc from the STR tree also helps a ton.

    As far as the mystic goes, it “needs” more AA’s than a warden to really “shine” in melee mode, but it gets up to 100% crit vs the warden’s 75%, and the berserk proc for going all the way down the AGI line on the mystic is quite nice too. I made my mystic in TD and then also did all the BBM quests… more or less folowed the same path as the warden, but for some reason I only have 46 AA’s at level 46, so unless I lock xp, I doubt I’m going to have the same amount of AA when I hit 53 on the mystic.

  9. Does the refer-a-friend xp only last 90 days? I know it was like that for WoW, but I didn’t see anything anywhere about it having a time limit in EQ2. Ah well, I haven’t got myself a second account, but it’s tempting 😛 Still over on AB though, since we started our own guild and whatnot, but still love ya, Ysh!

  10. @Wiqd — I have no idea where I got that notion from. Possibly WoW, though I never looked into the referral thing there. I may have to do some research to confirm.

    Hrm. No mention of it here (http://everquest2.station.sony.com/recruit-a-friend.vm), so maybe I made an ass out of me! 😉

    I seem to remember x-server chat channels in EQ2, or was that only for the test server? If it is, never mind. If it’s possible though, maybe we want to set up something like that. Bloggers’ Haven or something!

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