Lost & Found

I’m blatantly copying KIASA’s search-term roundup, not because I’m desperately short of things to say but because sometimes, you have to wonder how your blog ends up as a result on some searches… and because sometimes, the shoe just fits.

The top search term leading here is, apparently, “Movies” — so I write one lousy post about a movie-making game, and that’s what I show up for? Hrmph.

Not too far behind is “haiku” which must be a huge disappointment for all the people following links to this place.

And then there’s “hungover” — again, one post and I’m tarred for life? Just like real life: one drink and I’m liable to have a huge hangover the next day. I’m not the youth I used to be, I guess, and when it comes to drinking copiously these days I am, as they say in England, all mouth and no trousers. (Which always makes US people giggle — really, it’s not THAT rude! Or, as Texans apparently have it, all hat and no cattle; not something I hear here on a daily basis, but maybe I move in the wrong hatless circles.)

Also, in no particular order: epic fail guy and epic ass (love it), about 18 variants on war, server, transfer (servertransfer war, war transfer server, warfer sertrans…) or war, character, transfer, cyber granny’s team spirit (is that you, Esri?!), victorian street urchin, back off (damn straight!), free trial account for freaky creatures (why yes, yes I am — oh, you mean the game? I’ve never even mentioned it, why am I showing up on a search result?), and scary wizard.

Sadly, some of the really weird and off-the-wall ones aren’t in my list anymore; I’ll have to pay closer attention and make a note of them. 

Truly, the intertubes are a strange place. Happy Mondays. (Uh oh, there’s another search term hijack.)

9 thoughts on “Lost & Found

  1. So thanks to this post, all those terms will be even more popular!!

    I might have mentioned Freaky Creatures in one of my comments… I played the beta a bit.

    But yeah, it’s weird. My most popular search terms is still “Green Lemonade” from a post about a detox diet I was on like 4 years ago. (July 23rd, 2005 is the date on the post).

  2. Some select favorites from mine.

    how to write a syncaine poem (Apparently some people need how to guides for trolling Syncaine.)
    mechanic prayer (Our father who aren’t in Hummer, Cam Shaft be thy name…)
    old kedy (as opposed to new Kedy?)
    tv symptom (What is brain damage for 500, Bob.)

  3. We managed another hit on “nipple mouse trap” recently. I say “we”, it’s usually Melmoth’s posts that pull in that sort of traffic…

  4. I found a weird one lately. For some reason I was getting a lot of hits from the key phrase “Brazilian wax”. Come to find out that there is a Dr. Makaio out there somewhere who specializes in it. LOL.

    Why, hello there…I’m Dr. Makaio. *wink*

  5. Three of my top five searches come from Atlantica Online crafting. That still accounts for a lot of my site hits as well. Pity I’ve uninstalled the game. (But not deleted my account.)

  6. Almost all of my top search terms are some variation of the themes “age of conan population”, “MMOs 2009” and “city of heroes vista crashes”.

    Hades, Forrest and Ezrail are pretty high also though.

  7. Just about all my hits from google seem to come from people specifically searching for my name. I guess I must be doing something wrong. I’ve never cracked into any of that SEO madness.

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