Blogroll Foofery – April 18, 2009

Yep, it’s that time again.

1. I noticed I was on several people’s blogrolls, people whose posts and sites I enjoy, and yet they weren’t on mine. This has been fixed. If you’re still out in the blogroll cold, let me know. It’s not an ego thing, but I do like to reciprocate. There was a time when I was better informed of incoming links, but lately I seem to miss them all, and instead all the “incoming links” info I get relates to me appearing in related posts or something — pretty useless.

2. I still haven’t synched up my blogroll and my RSS feed (which leads to a lot of 1. above — those sites are all in my feed, so I forget that they’re not linked on my site for the benefit of the occasional clicky visitor).

3. There is no three, but Antioch demands one anyway.

4. There is no four!

That is all. In honour of the upcoming movie, live long and prosper.

2 thoughts on “Blogroll Foofery – April 18, 2009

  1. Who or what is this Antioch, and what is/are he/she/it/the requiring of you?

    When I read this I initially thought it said Arioch. [random Elric reference] Blood and Souls for My Lord Arioch! [/random Elric reference]

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