Digital Pluggery

I’ve been meaning to give this site a shout-out for ages, and I keep forgetting. So, linky: Digital Blasphemy.

It’s the main site for an artist I’ve been following for almost a decade (actually, it might be a decade now) and whose work has done nothing but get better.  I was an active supporter for some time and let that lapse — which, now that I’ve remembered, I intend to remedy, though for those who just want to get the odd wallpaper the free gallery has more than enough to choose from.

Not game-related, I know, but I’m a fan of high-quality desktop (and other) art and I love what this guy does. A little free publicity never hurt anyone, and you might find something you like. Here’s just one example: or not. I thought that linking to the image itself if people clicked on it would be fine, especially considering that each wallpaper is watermarked, but I guess I missed that Netiquette lesson. Go find it yourself then.

12 thoughts on “Digital Pluggery

  1. I like the font. Bad hotlinking! Bad, bad hotlinking! 😉

    No but really, I love this kind of art, I got a new set of wallpapers now.

  2. People do that (in case anyone doesn’t know) for fear of exceeding their bandwidth caps. For most sites out there, it’s more an ego trip than anything. Most of us would love to have such problems as serving so much content that our ISP squawks.

    IMO if you’re trying to promote your art, you’d be thankful that people would link to you and share an example of your work with their friends.

  3. @Pete — that was my general thinking. Given that all due credit was given and that the entire post was aimed at getting people to go visit…

    But eh, I don’t know blogiquette or netiquette and actually, I’m rather proud of it. I’d rather be an ethical iconoclast than a rule-following hypocrite (not that I’m accusing anyone HERE of that! Just general behaviour observed around and about, I’m sure you’ve all seen it too).

  4. I love this guy! I had his monthly desktop on my work machine in college for years.

    Good call, I haven’t been there in forever.

  5. I gotten an account before for work so I can use some of the higher res pictures for showing off our Christie Digital 3 projector blend system on a 10×36 screen and they look awesome. Been a fan of DB for around 5 or 6 years, course I’m too cheap to get an account for myself so, for personal use, I usually snag the free ones.

    Thanks for reminding me again about DB.

  6. Aye, I love that site. If I had more time (read: no life) and Maya at home ($2000 + a computer that can run it), I’d be cranking out this sort of thing, too. I tried to do this with early raytracers over a decade ago, but the tools today are orders of magnitude better.


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