CoX Mission Architect update

In typical Ysh knee-jerk fashion, after /ragequitting a few times in frustration at how difficult the MA enemies seem to be, I’ve discovered that this only holds true for custom-created enemies. Groups/mobs drawn from the existing pool are about the same as they are outside the MA system.

There are already some excellent story arcs out there, and here’s where I once again prove my craposity — I forget to write down their titles. Here’s what I can remember, and it should be enough to search on until I get my act together and get the full details down.

— “You wouldn’t steal a car” (Lars from MMOment of Zen)
— “Rescuing the Boss” (Jennifer from GirlIRL)
— “Demonic Love Story” — intended for villains really, but a great story and a truly awesome-looking demon mission-giver
— “Heroic Rescue 1” (I think — it’s by @Robzilla, which will help narrow it down, or you can search by author name)
— “The Sole Success of Project Saturn” by @Perplex 

There are several more I’ve played but can’t recall — and one thing that’s missing from the system right now (unless I’m being blind, which is entirely probable*) is a way of looking back through completed missions. If this can be done through the mission “souvenir clues” then I’ll have to remember to use the arc’s name as the clue name also.

I’m working on some more missions myself, but I suffer from the usual “OMG everyone else’s work is so much better than mine, I might as well go drown myself with those kittens” syndrome. Pfft.

In other news, I actually hit 20 for the first time ever in City of Heroes — I never made it that high during my first stint, and I swear levelling was slower, but maybe I was just more of a noob — and so, clothes ho that I am, the first thing I did was to get that second costume slot opened up. Todestraum, my sad goth/vampire wannabe (well, she is one — does that make her a wannabe? or does it make ME the wannabe?), now has the full black/red “Hey look, I’m a vampire!” getup one needs for any serious gathering of the denizens of the night. Gotta project the right image and all. Corny though it is, it’s a look I love, probably because it’s not one I could ever in a million years carry off in real life.

I'm too sexy for my coat
I'm too sexy for my coat
2009-04-06 20:55:25
Dr Vahzilok is history... for now
Rikti invasion mosh in King's Row
Rikti invasion mosh in King's Row


* I’m the person who had no idea where to find architect ticket counts on my char until Jen helpfully snapped my attention to the obvious “Architect Tickets” stack in my salvage window. Ahem.