I can has coffee nao?

It has come to my attention that, prior to a satisfactory level of caffeination being reached in my system, I might be a little… grumpy. Crabby. Snarky. Or so I’m told.

Me, I’d never noticed. I think Oakstout is just WAY sensitive.

So if I snark at you, my apologies. Maybe I’ll make up some rosettes and send them out after I bite people’s heads off — it’s a relatively rare event*, if I commemorate it, it might be better received! (On the principle that anything can be given a good spin, with the right freebies.)


*shaddap you!

3 thoughts on “I can has coffee nao?

  1. Grumpy? Snarky? Opinionated?

    …aren’t those more or less prerequisites for a blogger?

  2. You know, I love your Snarky, Crabby, cranky, under caffeinated self. It’s what makes for great converstation and a fantastic blog. If you were calm, cool and collected, you wouldn’t have half of the great topics I’ve seen over the last year and enjoyed….it would be like making Einstein take Valium and Prozac.

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