CoX Mission Architect – the countdown commences

Sente over at A Ding World has the real skinny, I’m just passing it along.

We shall be Mission Architecting on Live from April 8th. D -4 and counting! Don’t expect to be playing on Wednesday, if a hundred major patches from a dozen other games are any indication.

I’ve tried the architect on CoX Test, as those of you who pay attention will already know, but I haven’t been back to it in the last week or so for several reasons. One, I have too many other things to do. Two, as release dates approach (and we knew it had to be getting close), doing things on test servers starts to seem more pointless (other than testing, obviously). And three, I was so awed by other people’s creations that my peasly little cat-themed arc started seeming rather paltry in comparison. But I wasn’t sulking! I was … resting. Pining for the Fjords. Mostly, I was just too busy with other stuff — it’s been one of those months where you spend a lot of time WANTING to play and much less time being able to indulge that desire.

That’s it. I’m off to work and wish I could play.

8 thoughts on “CoX Mission Architect – the countdown commences

  1. They have been patching the game on test pretty much every day for the past week, so no-one should expect that they actually have the final version downloaded yet. Hopefully that will settle down now in the next coming days – I really hope they will have something stable and reasonably bugfree now.

    I expect it can get a bit messy when a number of those who have made story arcs on test will try to publish them. There are almost 6500 arcs listed there now. Some of it may be old garbage entries though.

    Activity in general seem to have slowed down on test, little or no chat in chat channels and I have barely seen anyone when I have taken a peek lately. Everyone is waiting I think.

  2. I did notice one thing regarding “junk” story arcs — you can republish the SAME arc without unpublishing any prior versions. At one point I made corrections to my arc, republished it, and realised there were now two versions on display.

    I may have to trawl the forums actually and see if that’s been reported on and/or discussed — there needs to be a way to weed out duplicates or older versions or something (if they haven’t fixed it already).

  3. The trick to republish without creating a new arc is to access your story arc from the “My published stories” tab and not your “My local stories” tab.

    In that case the “save” option is replaced by a “republish” option and you can do changes to the published arc directly.

    You cannot run the arc in test mode before you republish though. The idea is probably that you should be able to do smaller changes (correct spelling etc), but perhaps not rewrite the whole arc.

    You can unpublish older arcs also, again from the “My published stories” tab.

    This difference is not obvious and I did also publish my first arc multiple times before I noticed it.

  4. I’m curious to see how the Mission Architect system works for the CoX community. I really enjoyed CoH, left for other games, returned and played CoV a little bit, and left again some time ago. I’m tempted to resub just to mess around with the Mission Architect but think for now I’ll hold off and see how well it’s implemented as a tool for players to ~find~ content, regardless of how well it’s implemented as a toy for designers to ~make~ content. If e.g. it’s easy to sort through created missions, there’s a rating system in place that provides meaningful feedback on multiple axes, and the cream rises while the swill sinks into obscurity… I might resub. I’m of course curious to play with the creation toys and see how well they work, but that in itself won’t motivate me right now.

  5. Most of what you ask for, Foolsage, has been implemented (though how deeply remains to be seen). Missions have quite a few search criteria, can be rated (1-5) with special ratings systems (Devs’ choice, another I can’t remember but I bet Sente knows), and are open for player comment — though in the latter case I thought the comment field was a little small, but I’m a wordy cow and if you really want to discuss someone’s arc with them, you can always email them in game.

    The creation toys are very straightforward and really mostly text-based — lots of windows where you either type in mission text (dialogue, flavour, etc) and/or pick objectives and/or quantify bad guys. You can’t design your own maps for instance, for fairly obvious reasons, though as has been much reported, you CAN design NPCs quite extensively (powersets, relative “toughness” etc).

    I’m not sure I would resub to CoX *JUST* for this (though, admittedly, I did 😉 ) — thing is there will be enough of us mucking around with it to give you a better idea whether you want to look at it in more detail or not.

    I’m happy with it, despite its current limitations, because it breaks ground in allowing players to create full, level-all-the-way-through-the-game type content for other players. I’m also quite keen to see how the most forward-thinking creators will adapt and use the system. They won’t be the norm, but I am certain there will be some utterly fabulous story arcs in there (just as there were with Neverwinter Nights mods).

  6. Is there any word on whether or not they will open up some free time for inactive accounts? This sounds like alot of fun…

  7. Not that I’ve seen, Harb, but I haven’t been very assiduous about chasing down related news. Lots of work to do atm.

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