I’d like a scoop of vanilla with my existential musings

In one of those hive-mind collective blog-unconscious gestalt events, several bloggers I know, love and read have been pondering their place in the blogging-verse. Why did we start writing? Are we still writing for those reasons now? What if we want to change focus, or write nothing at all for a while? Will there be packs of angry readers buring laptops on our lawn?

I’m going to try not to preach or get too long-winded, but I’ve been pondering some of the same stuff lately. This blog started out as a WAR blog but has broadened out into general musings which are much more suited to my personal style. I’m an eclectic, Jill-of-all-thoughts kind of person in any case; I know a little (or more) about a lot of things, but I’m not a bleeding-edge expert on much of anything, and I’m happy with that. It’s how I roll, and it’s how this blog rolls — I knew that from the start, which is why the blog has the subtitle it has (“MMO musings and commentary,” for you RSS folk). Apparently it’s entertaining to a reasonable slice of you kind, smart, and extremely stylish people out there — but to be blunt, I’d be writing the same thing even if I only had 5 readers, or none at all. I’ve journaled for years, and this blog is just a more public exercise thereof; it took some getting used to actually being *read,* and that does change things a little (you don’t get to see the real basement of my brain!), but it’s not that different in essence. I ramble on about the stuff that interests me and, not too surprisingly given our common gaming background, that stuff seems to interest a fair few other people too. It’s a diffuse, filament-y kind of discussion we have on each other’s blogs and Twitter and wherever, but it’s fun and it’s often thought-provoking. I like to have my thoughts provoked.

But when work hits hard, as it has lately, I do wonder if people are starting to froth and frown and mutter “That bint hasn’t written a thing in days — that’s it, she’s OFF my list!” And then I hit myself with a clue-by-four and remember that I don’t (and shouldn’t) really care. Popularity contests bored me in high school and they bore me now, even if they sometimes pinch a little, and I have enough need for external validation without adding this blog to the list! I love pondering stuff with the blog- and gaming-posse, but as in MMOs, RL takes precedence over blogging and that’s the bottom line. Sure, if you ask readers to complain about your content (as Tobold has — rather masochistically — done in the past), then they’ll probably do just that. But if I want to fill out magazine tests on my blog, as I’ve been previously accused of doing, that’s what I’ll do; and it’s what Tobold did in the end, more power to him.


I certainly won’t bore you with the details of my ethical and moral system, but a couple of my most basic principles are: “Do what thou wilt” (despite some of its more dramatic proponents such as Mr Crowley) and — loose translation from the 1789 French revolutionary declaration of human rights — “My freedom ends where that of others begins.” It’s my blog. I’ll write as much as I can, as often as I can, but when I can’t or won’t, I know damn well you lot will have plenty of other stuff to read and ponder and write about for yourselves. 

And for the rest of you, my blogging buddies who are going through some form of “argh!” regarding your blogs, whatever that “argh!” may relate to — be well. We’ll still be here when you come back, and we’ll sure as hell be expecting some damn good walls of text about what you’ve been up to!

Peace and love, folks.

(Props and all relevant (c) stuff to ~kerryhall at DeviantArt for the very cool anarchy/peace/equality banner I used above.)

15 thoughts on “I’d like a scoop of vanilla with my existential musings

  1. Love ya Ysh! You were one of my first commentators (common taters?) so you’ll always be in my reader.

    Preach on sistah, preach on!

  2. I have blogs in my reader that I forgot were there until they actually posted something and surprised me out of the blue. Of course, my general personality is pretty… laid back.

    Sometimes, it’s not so much that there is some popularity contest you want to win, or that you seriously need outside validation in everything. Sometimes it’s just that after spending a couple hours, with the press of everything else you could/should/ought to be doing, working on something and get the idea in your mind that maybe someone will like it, being greeted with a wall of deafening silence sucks. Not because you needed them to approve, but because that nagging feeling that you were just wasting time now has evidence backing it.

    Still, do you want, I say. If you want to do it, do it. Your space, your rules, we’re just the guests that thought the space was kind of cool.

  3. Hah, I’m pretty sure very few people read either of my blogs Ysh, but I do it just so I’ll have something to show people if I ever try to get a job in the gaming industry 😛

    Seriously though, I think you’re absolutely right. Blogging isn’t like being a part of a raiding guild in some high end MMO, so don’t make the same apologies. Your readers *should* understand that RL > everything else and if they don’t then you can easily see it as you’re doing something right! 😉

  4. I hears ya. I know I’m somewhat erratic in my own writing habits. I write when the mood strikes which could be three or four times a week or once a month. I can’t imagine anyone getting themselves all up in arms over me missing a posting – not having deadlines is part of why I like blogging. I suspect my regular readers (all three of them) are probably used to my intermitten posting schedule.

    While I do chide myself if I haven’t posted in a while, I don’t want to dedicate post after post to filler material either (with topics like “Why games need a short race cuteness matrix.”, “Should dwarf ale consumption reduce agility?”, “The case for outhouses in MMOs.”, “Why sickly deer are overpowered.”)

  5. “Should dwarf ale consumption reduce agility?”

    I’d read a post with a title like that, hoping that the author had a rapier wit and a dummy to skewer with it.


    Carry on. Ysh, here’s hoping work doesn’t break you. 🙂

  6. The only reason why I blog is so I can hear my voice inside my head as I read it back to myself. It’s such a lovely voice…

  7. I agree with your post, as usual.

    I enjoy reading your thoughts (published ones that is), regardless of topic or frequency. Write what you want when you want. My RSS reader doesn’t forget. 🙂

  8. Ysharros: I am sorry for posting this as a comment, but I was unable to find a contact email.

    You have my blog in your blogroll (thanks by the way!) but the address has changed. It is now: http://www.muckbeast.com

    Also, if you wouldn’t mind dropping me an email at muckbeast@gmail.com I have something I’d like to talk to you about. Thanks! 🙂

    -Michael Hartman

  9. (My first attempt at a comment got moderated – probably because it had a link in it).

    Ysharros: I am sorry for posting this as a comment, but I was unable to find a contact email.

    You have my blog in your blogroll (thanks by the way!) but the address has changed. Just use the muckbeast domain (sorry I can’t seem to post a URL in a comment)

    Also, if you wouldn’t mind dropping me an email at muckbeast@gmail.com I have something I’d like to talk to you about. Thanks! 🙂

    -Michael Hartman

  10. You and I mirror each other in so many ways I’m really happy we met via blogging. I did actually wonder where you’d been, and made a conscious effort to check your blog manually aside from using the reader, but then like others have said, RL is so much more important and something I totally understand.

    I like all the blogs on my reader and I very rarely take any of them off! I don’t care about regular updates, I just care that I enjoy reading them.

  11. @Muckbeast — heh yeah, I changed the address in my reader but forgot here. Thanks for the reminder. Unspammed ya too. Email incoming.

    @all — the post was more in support of other folks who are having slightly angsty moments, but thanks for the support anyway! It never hurts. And I agree — RSS feeds don’t forget.

  12. “This blog started out as a WAR blog but has broadened out into general musings which are much more suited to my personal style.”

    Amen broth…. sista! Amen!

    While your WAR posts were nice, the general musings are much more interesting to read 🙂

  13. I’m one of those people who recently posted such musings. And I do appreciate your comments to the effect that it’s my damn blog and I should be blogging whatever I want.

    Like you, I planned to make my blog more of a WAR blog, or at least more of a gaming blog. Even that turned out to be too limiting for me.

    However, my life became a bit more involved than just gaming when WAR launched. I never really picked up that momentum.

    I hope no one takes this wrong, but gaming blogs are nice. However, the people behind them are much more interesting to me. When the person who is the gamer comes through, that’s what really makes a blog for me.

  14. I’ll take the generalized angsty moment support. In fact I might take two.

    This encourages me to branch out from games. I think that helps to keep the posts flowing more regularly actually. You tickled my thinkbox today, especially since I’m mostly an existentialist at heart. (-:

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