Babies, Bathwater, Subs?

No time to write a proper entry just yet, so I’m going to throw up a link. Others have already done this, but it’s a good article from a thoughtful and interesting blog and so more exposure won’t hurt.

Elder Game: Don’t Throw Out the Subscription Model

Peace out, for now. Work beckons, and it’s not like you questionable loiterers pay my rent!

14 thoughts on “Babies, Bathwater, Subs?

  1. He’s very right in one of his assessments. The gaming industry at large seems to be one extreme or another for EVERYTHING it does. There is no middle, no melding of ideas.

    Why does it have to be subscriptions OR microtransactions? Why not both? Why can’t I decide to pay for a sub if I think I’d be spending more than 15 bucks a month on microtransactions, or do microtransactions if I don’t think I’ll be playing $15 worth of the game a month? And hell, why can’t I have a sub with the option of paying for things that might help me along the way?

    It doesn’t have to be black / white. There CAN be some grey … it’s ok. Trust me *shifty eyes*

    1. I’m with you there.

      There’s no reason a hybrid payment model can’t work. I believe that the game design is affected by whatever payment model is going to be used, so maybe this is why we haven’t seen too many hybrid models yet. The games we have were initially designed years ago.

      There is at least one game that uses the hybrid model. Wizard 101 uses both subs and micro-transactions, and it’s not a bad little game to boot.

  2. I’ll post over there, but just for reference here…

    As much as I personally find the sub model overly expensive and deleterious to game design, I’m not calling for complete obliteration. My ideal game isn’t the same as someone else’s, and the sub model works just fine for some.

    Thanks for the link! I do check on them here and there, but I didn’t know they had a new article up.

    1. Hmm… I wound up writing a nice block of text over there. I’m still not calling for the sub model’s death, but it certainly has warped the genre, and not necessarily for the best.

      1. Don’t worry Tesh, I’m writing a post about it, giving an actual example of meshing the different models using our Harvest Moon idea as an example 😀

        I hope it works out.

  3. Keep writing folks. 😀 I’m run off my feet trying to earn my keep, as clients cut deadlines way too close and don’t build in any time for translation. Sure, I’ll just pull 10,000 translated words out of my butt in under 24 hours with no notice! Noooo problem! 😉

  4. It’s not a problems at all if you don’t sweat comprehension or accuracy. 😉

  5. just a quick note from me:

    I won’t play a free to play, micro transaction game, but that doesn’t mean it’s bad. I have tried a hand full, and they were not just for me. Maybe I am getting old and set in my ways. I would rather go buy a game, and pay my monthly fee. In my mind free to play games = tween and teen games. While subscription games seem to have a bit older players. So, I’ll stick with my 15$ a month and skip over games that are free/micro payment style games.

  6. I think one of the main issues that people like Teki have is that a large company has yet to do a MT MMO, but that will change with SW: TOR, or so rumor has it. Once they do it and IF they succeed, I think you’ll start seeing a lot more quality games that do it (not saying Wizard101 and PP aren’t quality, just not largely recognized yet) and attracting the more mature, pocket-protecting crowd.

  7. Game quality does not correlate well with price. It never has. There’s a general trend, perhaps, but it’s very vague. Games should be accepted or rejected on their own merits, not because the monetization doesn’t fit the norm.

  8. I agree, but all I’m saying is that no one dares to do anything different until a large company has done it. Then it becomes tried and true. That’s why I made sure to state that Wizard101 and PP are no less quality than WoW, yet they’ve lifted the veil. Unfortunately it’s not enough. If W101 was WoW, there’d be companies clamoring to do the MT / Sub combo option.

  9. Mooooo! Baaaaaa! 😉

    The herd mentality is what kept us alive, long ago. It’s probably pretty hardwired.

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