It cracks! It snaps! You’ll put your eye out!

Given that I’ve been trying out City of Heroes / Villains again, after playing at launch in 2004 and then pretty much never again till last week, and given my well-known quiet obedience to everything I’m asked (/face_straight), there’s nothing for it but to follow Pete-Dragonchaser’s orders and make my own.

{Cue sounds of a washing machine — or hero maker — being horribly overloaded} TADA!


I have everything a great hero should have: purple, and a whip. What else could I need?

Now go make yours!

11 thoughts on “It cracks! It snaps! You’ll put your eye out!

  1. But of course. No mere standard Whip-Girl me. Pfft.

    I already have a char on CoX called “Ms Whipit” — and of course the musical earworm to go with it.

    “When a problem comes along
    You must whip it” 😉

  2. I made one and it named him something dumb like The Clobbering Monarch. I would have named him King Bling with his Hammer of Hurt! Aside from a couple limited design options and the lack of being able to name them if you so choose, it was fun 😛

    He wore a royal robe, royal tights, had lots of jewelry and a large spiked hammer.

  3. Wiqd: I took the tagging off of the meme. Thank me, and Pete.

    Besides, my superhero is… great.

    Thanks for (not) mentioning me, Ysh. 😛

  4. Not everything has a meme, and not every meme has to include tagging. The best ones tend to replicate spontaneously, like bacteria. 😉

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