Coyness does not become thee

coyness2Or, the lady doth protest too much.

Yes, there’s a meme going round. If you don’t want to do it, don’t do it. If you’re going to do it anyway and are rather flattered to have been tagged, just bloody do it. Don’t go on and on about how you don’t do memes and how they’re beneath you but {dramatic sigh} you’ll do it anyway just this once.

Coyness and popularity contests, the High school mentality in a nutshell — God save me, I thought I’d left that behind 20+ years ago.

A meme is just a thing. It goes round. If many of the people are doing it for popularity / I’m so cool / I didn’t tag you so you’re not reasons, don’t be a dick and perpetuate it. If you hate them for the shallow social bacteria they are, fine. But don’t try the dress on while moaning how it makes your bum look big.

Just do it. Or don’t do it.

And most of all, don’t bloody rant about it on a Saturday morning!

I’ll tell you what though, with the amount of downstream/sideways whining about this, you can bet it’s the last bloody meme *I* ever cheerfully pass on, thinking it would be enjoyed as a simple pastime or ignored by those who didn’t wanna. I guess passing on typhoid would have been better received. Sheesh.

(And no, this isn’t aimed at you. Or you, or you or you. You guys are fine and I love you. It’s the REST of YOU lot out there. You know who you are. If you don’t, you’ll know when the hot wind of my withering scorn passes over your head.)

(It’s withering scorn. I didn’t have beans for dinner, honest.)

19 thoughts on “Coyness does not become thee

  1. Crappy way to start a Saturday 😛 I usually don’t do memes simply because I don’t look for them. I don’t perpetuate chain email letters because I think they’re stupid. But memes like the one you posted the other day really bring back memories (if you have the screenshots to prod such feelings :P). Regardless, taking a look back on your gaming history should be a fun thing, not something you view as work or an inconvenience. If it is, perhaps you should find another way to use your time.

    Of course, I don’t mean YOU, Ysh. Just the other “yous” who complain 😛

  2. Heh sorry Wiqd. I just read way too many “I”m much too cool to do this but oh hey, I’ll do it anyway” posts.

    I don’t do chain letters either. More to the point, I don’t pass them on while grumbling at how useless they are.

    Same with memes. Some of them I read and enjoy (the ones that do the rounds among my LJ friends group), some of them I ignore, and I actually *do* very few of them. But to me, that’s the basic choice — do it or ignore it. Doing it under coyly-acted duress is really like standing at the Oscars and saying “Oh my, I never expected THIS!” while thinking “It’s about damn time, you shallow bastards!”


  3. Oh I didn’t mean it messed up my Saturday. I’m at work so my Saturday was already ruined. I meant it was a crappy start to YOUR Saturday 😛

  4. Oh pish, my rants are usuall 99% amusement and 1% outrage. 😉

    Besides, I’m working too, and will be all weekend, so maybe that’s what prompted it.

  5. Yea but you work from home. Doesn’t count 😉 I wish I could work from home. Actually … no. I wish I could walk outside and down the street a block or so to get to work. Working from home, I found, was not as productive as I would have thought.

  6. I didn’t see who was pulling this behavior from your last meme thingie…

    …which makes me smile, because it means I probably don’t think they’re worth reading.

    1. Testing the nested comments feature I just turned on. This isn’t the comment you’re looking for. Nothing to see here, move along.

  7. @Pete S, heee! That’s part of the idea. I followed some links and followed some other links and so on.

    @wiqd — ya, it takes a) a certain temperament and b) a certain amount of getting used to, the working from home thing. I’ve been doing it for 16 years now and it suits me perfectly, but my partner in crime (and business, in the day) back in the UK had a lot of trouble with it, so we used to send HER out on assignments rather than me. 😉

    I’m just glad it’s a viable option these days. I remember trying to edumacate clients on the benefits of *not* paying me to commute back in the days when the internet was a wobbly-legged colt. Habitual practice, even when it’s stupid and/or expensive, is a hard thing to break!

  8. Not to sound stupid or anything but, what is meme? I get the whole 6th picture 6th folder thing but never heard of a meme.

  9. Hmm… is that nested comment thing a new WordPress function? I may have to tinker…

    Oh, and I went ahead and “did the meme” thing after Melf tagged me (or at least, I’m in the middle of writing it)… but then proceeded to do whatever I darn well pleased afterwards. If that makes me a drama git, so be it, but I like the screenshot thing, and I wanted to post more of them. So there. 😛

    1. No, quite the opposite. As far as I’m concerned memes are to be stapled, folded and mutilated to one’s heart’s content. And if that will bring unto me eternal e-damnation, then so be it. I’ve never been good at marching to the beat of someone else’s drum. 😛

      And yes, it’s a new WordPress thing. There was an announcement about it not long ago, I caught it while pottering around in the Dashboard. It should be under Settings –> Discussion or some such.

      1. As promised, I’ve typed a bloomin’ brain dump. If pictures are worth a thousand words, I’m pushing 50K words in that post. Nanofiction or blog?

        Six Shooter

  10. Hmm… I’m not so sure I like the nested comments. I’m too used to going to the bottom of the list for new comments, and nesting them like that means that I’ve got to scroll through the whole thing, looking for stuff I may have missed last time through.

    Change is terrible! Wah, wah, wah…

    So yeah, I’ll have to try it out. Thanks!

    1. I’ve been thinking the same. It’s ok for someone coming in at the end, but for ongoing comment reading I rather like the @whatever format. I may turn it off again unless people really love it to bits.

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