In case you missed it everywhere else…

fenceMythic’s official WAR forum is in the house. Yes, that links to the Herald page, but there’s a shiny new FORUM button in the top right. Go there. Click it. (Take a couple of minutes to go through the login process.) See the almost-empty forums before the ravening, illiterate, brain-dead flatworm hordes get to it. (Clearly I’m not an official forum ho — if I were, I’d have spelled that as “hoards.”)

Let the brain-cell pillaging begin.

Yes, I do think official forums are a good idea, on the whole. I also think it’s damn near impossible to keep up with what-all game devs might be saying and where even with official forums, especially after months without them, unless those poor devs are utterly restricted from posting anywhere outside the official forums. Which is a little too jack-bootish for my tastes. As usual there is a fence, and I’m sitting on it. I’m thinking of planting some flowers.

Edit: As an expat-Euro (now living in the US) I have to second Spinks’ hearty BAH HUMBUG to the fact that EU gamers can’t even SEE the new “official” forums. Not a word I use often, but in this case it’s more than apposite: LAME. Llama Lame. Liberally larded with Lame.