Haiku Sunday – February 1, 2009

haiku-feb-1Did you know this axe
Can slice your head clean off, yep –
Feel lucky, carebear?

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Your turn

(Edit – for those who aren’t sure, the basic Haiku form is 5, 7, 5 syllables. There’s much more to it in terms of the relationship between the lines and what the final line says, but this is Haiku 99, not even 100 or 101, so write what you please. You can also play with the syllable arrangement somewhat (7, 5, 5) but not too much, and the total number is fairly immutable. Try it, it’s easier than you think. The hard part is doing it well, Grasshopper.)

7 thoughts on “Haiku Sunday – February 1, 2009

  1. That was a pretty good one… I especially like the way it didn’t feel so much like a standard haiku.

    Kouen de, (ko u e n de)
    People walking by, who are they?
    Himitsu desu. (hi mi tsu de su)

    I’ve been watching more Japanese television, both live action and anime, without subs. All of the sudden, I hear so much more. Usually it’s just simple words and phrases that I pick up. Anyways, the first line is “In the park,” the last is “It’s a Secret.” translated with polish.

  2. I love nice purples.
    Crafting is my greater love.
    How can I do both and live?

    I hope I did that right. Haven’t done a Haiku since grade school maybe. lol

  3. Apparently I did it wrong and can’t remove it lol.

    let me try again.

    I still like Gear.
    But flower picking is art
    How can I survive?

  4. Machinima fun:
    Animator uses WoW.
    How about Warhammer?

    It could be neat too,
    Witch Elf stealth killing to strains
    of Japanese pop.

    Please Percula, please,
    apply your skills to our game,
    make WAR famous too.

    A tri-stanza haiku pleading with the animator of Blind to make a WAR machinima. I was listening to the song he used while playing today and I thought how cool it would be to see his talents applied to WAR.

    Anyway, my first attempt at Haiku Sunday. Maybe next Sunday I’ll try something more poetic. ;p

  5. Ding. Level Twenty!
    Into Lakeshire I go.
    What the f**K? I’m dead?

    Taking the ship from
    Ratchet to Booty Bay is
    bad for your health.

    The deadliest beast
    in Stranglethorn Vale is…
    a bored 80.

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