World Domination Step 1 – check

Apparently I’m enough of a WAR blogger to warrant a request for my snail-mail address, in case Mythic ever wants to send me goodies. I’m expecting a crate of beer or chocolates — or maybe both! — any day now.

pinkyandthebrain-1Or maybe I just talk a lot. Volume has to count for something, right?

World domination plans aside, Pinky, this leaves me in something of a quandary. If Mythic thinks I’m enough of a WAR blogger to be considered for the goodies list (which I’m sure is quite a large list, but that’s nothing a spot of judicious assassination can’t fix), then I should probably return to playing WAR.


Oh all right then. Like it’s ever been hard to get me to actually play games. Harder, right now, to find time to log in, now that ill health isn’t as much of an excuse, but sooner or later this gigantic pile of work-left-undone will be whittled down. Hell, I haven’t even had the time or energy to log in to WoW and see whether my huntards have been chopped off at the knees (I doubt it; we were overpowered by whatever patch it was that made us godlike in Beast Master spec form).

Assuming I do find time to log in, there’s another quandary — what do I play? Something still bothers me about the Shadow Warrior, and I’m not sure what it is. (And no, it’s not the effete high elf look.) The Warrior Priest is fun in PvE but I have a horrible time getting a handle on playing one in RvR after tier 1; I can’t seem to heal OR hurt much, but that can be learned. I’m … tired of the Archmage, I think — it’s all guts and complaints and never any glory, though I did enjoy playing her; other problem with that char is that she was designed for duoing and the spousal unit has even less time to play than I do, so the duo is currently a non-starter.

Decisions! I feel morally obliged to play WAR since Mythic think enough of my community contribution to contact me — or we could be honest and just call it “twist my rubber arm” and be done with it. I just can’t decide who to play.

Fortunately that Pile’o’Work hasn’t gone anywhere, so there’s time to provide advice. Advise away! Please! I could use the help.

19 thoughts on “World Domination Step 1 – check

  1. Bright Wizard is all glory! At least, I’m guessing, as I play a Sorc, and they are certainly pwntastic.

    One Order class that I seem to get eaten up by is the Engineer. Often I will play scenarios and feel like I’m pushing as hard as I can, racking up as many kills and as much damage, then I’ll check the charts and see I’m being outdone by an engineer three levels under me!

    Obviously I’ve never played either of these classes, so I can’t say for sure how fun or difficult they are to play. Also, when you look at it another way, since I am frequently getting killed by engineers, they are often on my kill on sight list. So I guess it’s a trade-off. 😉

  2. OBVIOUSLY you’re playing the right SIDE. Play order again 🙂 You did well on your healer.

    Seriously: if/when you do return, plug yourself into some static group events. This is the cure for busy people. Alt night is still rolling on Monday nights; we also have a ORVR guild only event that has just started and is always fun.

  3. Heh heh, I may actually start up WAR again since I’m not doing much in WoW now. Shame, leveled up my DK, got him pretty geared out and now we have … nothing. Bleh. Been pondering a return to WAR for a while, but I’d have to reroll anyway. My Chosen is back on Thorgrim.

  4. I have to say, Shadow Warrior isn’t all that bad and I’ve committed to playing mine to level 40 now. On the Destro side I rolled a Blackguard, which is pretty fun, too.

    The Shadow Warrior is still bugged. A few of our ability timers are borked, which makes them work wrong with other abilities in queue. And you still have to use some judgment as to when to use focus fire because that is borked.

    That said, I’m currently level 24. I consistently rank in the top 5 for gaining renown and XP in T3 scenarios. I’m also in the top 5 for damage and kills. I’m just planning my attack on the WARAlliance boards for all those people who keep bitching that SW sucks. Seriously, if I can play them to the top of the scenario boards, pretty much anyone can.

  5. SW doesn’t suck, especially since the 1.1 (or whatever it was) patch changes. There’s just something missing or not right for me with SW. I don’t know what it is. Maybe what I really want is a hunter, in which case I should probably take my White Lion gal a little higher than 11 and see how I like it.

    …. Back to work /cracks whip

    Oh, and Wiqd and Ludo, that cracked me up. 😉

  6. I’ve not played WAR yet, but the White Lion is what I chose as my character, browsing through the descriptions.

    …um, yeah. That’s all I’ve got for today.

  7. Hey congrats!!!

    I’m not a big enough blogger to be asked for my snail mail 🙂

  8. @ Arbitrary oh phooey, not so. I think it’s because you made an official BoG announcement, whereas I just stopped mentioning WAR, hah!

    Now I’ll just have to play again.

  9. Bright Wizards and Engineers are both good choices. Can’t say how well they do in the end game but I’ve had more fun leveling them up than any other class.

  10. Once you give that address out, you’ll be surprised what turns up in the post…

    …Mythic haven’t asked for mine but then I don’t intend to play WAR ever again 😉

  11. I am having a lot of fun with my Ironbreaker Lvl 34 atm, try it out perhaps you will like it. I’m also lvling-up an Engineer and having a blast, snipe, throw grenades, fall back put on a turrets…pshhh, boom, all fun 😉

  12. I’m personally waiting for the Slayer and Choppa to go in, as I know those two are my preferred classes of choice, from a lore and mechanics standpoint. I should have gone with Witch Hunter from the beginning, but I love me the Dwarves, and I just can’t get into my Iron Breaker any more. I’m a damage-dealer in the Holy-Trinity MMOGs. That’s what I like to do. I like to kill things.

    Bring on the Slayer.

  13. I made a Knight of the Blazing Sun last night and was kind of disappointed. I expected it to be like a Chosen or an Ironbreaker or any of the other tank classes, but the actual similarities made me shy away from it after only a couple levels. I didn’t delete him though, so we’ll see if I can keep leveling him and eventually get to the point where a Knight comes into its own.

    Then I started an Engineer and am having fun with that.

    I’ll recount my experience on my blog later. 😀

  14. @ JB — yeah, I may wait for the Slayer too since I’m very fond of DPS classes … and I already have a pretty full roster I’m not sure I could bring myself to thin down.

    The only thing that bothers me is that I *know* they’ll be male only. Grrr. No, I don’t have inside info, I’m just making an educated guess.

  15. More character slots? Nothing like promoting altitis to keep people playing (and paying). Sneaky sneakery.

  16. Don’t about you guys but engineers seem a bit OP at the moment and they are everywhere. 3 turrets firing on me for 10 seconds killed my black orc in T2.

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