World Domination Step 1 – check

Apparently I’m enough of a WAR blogger to warrant a request for my snail-mail address, in case Mythic ever wants to send me goodies. I’m expecting a crate of beer or chocolates — or maybe both! — any day now.

pinkyandthebrain-1Or maybe I just talk a lot. Volume has to count for something, right?

World domination plans aside, Pinky, this leaves me in something of a quandary. If Mythic thinks I’m enough of a WAR blogger to be considered for the goodies list (which I’m sure is quite a large list, but that’s nothing a spot of judicious assassination can’t fix), then I should probably return to playing WAR.


Oh all right then. Like it’s ever been hard to get me to actually play games. Harder, right now, to find time to log in, now that ill health isn’t as much of an excuse, but sooner or later this gigantic pile of work-left-undone will be whittled down. Hell, I haven’t even had the time or energy to log in to WoW and see whether my huntards have been chopped off at the knees (I doubt it; we were overpowered by whatever patch it was that made us godlike in Beast Master spec form).

Assuming I do find time to log in, there’s another quandary — what do I play? Something still bothers me about the Shadow Warrior, and I’m not sure what it is. (And no, it’s not the effete high elf look.) The Warrior Priest is fun in PvE but I have a horrible time getting a handle on playing one in RvR after tier 1; I can’t seem to heal OR hurt much, but that can be learned. I’m … tired of the Archmage, I think — it’s all guts and complaints and never any glory, though I did enjoy playing her; other problem with that char is that she was designed for duoing and the spousal unit has even less time to play than I do, so the duo is currently a non-starter.

Decisions! I feel morally obliged to play WAR since Mythic think enough of my community contribution to contact me — or we could be honest and just call it “twist my rubber arm” and be done with it. I just can’t decide who to play.

Fortunately that Pile’o’Work hasn’t gone anywhere, so there’s time to provide advice. Advise away! Please! I could use the help.