Haiku Sunday

It’s very cold out
No sound; the birds are hiding
The air cuts like glass

(While it’s not as cold here as it was in New England or, say, Switzerland where I grew up, when it gets into the 70s during the day and then below freezing that same night, it’s quite a contrast.)

Ode to my Huntard –
Overpowered she may be
But fun’s the point, no?

Gimme a break, it’s 5:30am. Your turn. No theme today, though if anyone feels like suggesting one for next week, go for it.

11 thoughts on “Haiku Sunday

  1. Common refrain is
    There is one and I’m in it
    Among esteemed blogs

    (Actually I’m not in any closed betas for the time being, but it seemed like a good fit for a haiku.)

    C beams glittering
    Attack ships on fire near Orion
    Lost like tears in rain

    (I’m not sure I can even claim adaptation on that one.)

    Leaves of amber tint
    Glow angry red and blacken
    In plasma and rain

    (Dedicated to Tabula Rasa)

  2. I’m in Middle Earth
    My purse of coins grows thinner
    Bought a deluxe house


    Relaxing Sunday
    Love it when we just stay home
    Introverts unite

    (*stretches comfortably in front of computer*)

  3. Looking at your posts,
    This is your first Haiku one.
    Dante Inspired…? -_^

    It’s now four A.M.
    I’m supposed to be writing,
    Yet *here* I scribble.

    One more Haiku left,
    My weekly practice, no more.
    I like popsicles.

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