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Rackham, the pen behind the Tome of Knowledge blog and comic strip, is holding a contest. If you read and play games you can enter, though you may actually have to write something too. 

And in honour of the new theme and look, I’m starting the first of what I hope to be several ART CONTESTS!! Yes that’s right, I will pick one lucky winner to offer up my art skills and illustrate a 11″x17″ portrait poster of one in-game character of your choice. For this first contest, I will accept entries for character submissions in both Warhammer Online and World of Warcraft.

What are you waiting for? Go see the full text for yourselves, and get scribblin’!

Sort of vaguely on the point Ysh-wise tangent: years and years ago at one of the Euro GenCons (Camber Sands, for you Euros out there who might remember that place!), I was lucky enough to get Brom to do a character sketch. Damned if I can remember why or what I may have won to deserve it,  but along with a signed copy of the (then) new Dark Sun campaign box it was the phat lewt I brought home from the visit that year. Getting a character portrait done is totally, geekily and absolutely worth it. End tangent. Move along now. No character art to see here.

9 thoughts on “Put it in your family album

  1. IIRC you bid in the auction to have the portrait done. But that was *cough* years ago and things have become foggy since those days freezing in a shack on the south coast of England, in the middle of winter, with nothing but a half-inch wall between us and the icy winds outside. Just as well Paul discovered how to jimmy the meter so we got as much heating and hot water as we wanted for the weekend for the princely sum of 50p!

  2. That wasn’t winter, that was May! 😀

    But ya, auction sounds vaguely right. I’m not sure. Did we drink much back then? /halo

  3. Dark Sun Campaign. My favorite AD&D boxed set evah! When Desert of Flames came out in EQ2 I couldn’t help but reminisce about my Dark Sun days. *sigh*

  4. Aye, getting a character portrait can indeed be viewed as geeky, but i still want to get mine done especially if the fee goes towards a charity.

    (Look at Drawtheworldtogether.com for more info on that.

    ANd Dark Sun… probably the only AD&D campaign setting that i have yet to try out in any shape or form (and i thought i was a roleplayer……….)

  5. @Yah:

    A reminder for you, here are the English seasons:

    Jan – Mar: Winter, Rain
    Apr – Jun: Winter, Rain
    Jul – Sep: Winter, Rain
    Oct – Dec: Winter, Rain

    How you so easily forget! 🙂

  6. Ooh! I loved the Dark Sun campaign setting. I actually played a Halfling ranger in that and loved it!

    Loved the books that came out of that setting too. I particularly remember enjoying the Tribe of One series with Sorak.

    Also being a BIG fan of Brom, do you happen to still have that character portrait?? I’d LOVE to see it! If you don’t want to post it up, you could always email me to see? Nudge nudge wink wink XD

  7. @ Greg — If I do, it’s likely that it’s stored at Manamar’s house, heh. I certainly wouldn’t have got rid of it on purpose, but this was almost 20 years (glurk), several house moves, and one continent away. 😐

  8. @Ysh: That’s all neatly stacked under the stairs, so if you think I’m tunneling through the strata of history there on the Sunday afternoon….

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