Tabula Rasa, last gasps & musings

None of my own work, and I came across this through Lum Scott Jennings’  very interesting post, which led to an equally fascinating post at T-Machine (and yet another Google reader addition for me) — reflections and thoughts surrounding the sinking of TR. Given that more games fail than succeed these days, certainly by the Blizzard metric, and given my uninformed but nonetheless fascinated interest in this stuff, I figured I’d pass the links on. There are other interesting links inside those articles, but that’s the natcha of the intarweb so you can click those for yourselves. Worthwhile reading.

2 thoughts on “Tabula Rasa, last gasps & musings

  1. Always interesting reads when you get it from people on the “inside.”

    I personally followed TR and even played it just because it was different than the rest. I try out just about every MMO that comes out and TR was no different.

    The premise of the game was good … a refreshing look at the MMO market, but in a sci-fi setting, which few had done. Problem was, there was no substance to the game. You’d level skills while participating in real time combat, retaking taken star ports and … that’s about it? There was no end-game, no reason to max out … no reason to really do anything.

    I think Richard Garriott just got to the point where he thought he could shit something out because he did Ultima and it would sell awesomely.

  2. I played TR for a while before the announced cancellation, and for a short time afterward too.

    The game was a lot of fun, I think it got off on the wrong foot with a really bad beta. The beta was horrible in my opinion, lag so bad I couldn’t move. Didn’t seem user friendly at the time either. It was a game I planned on skipping altogether. However, I like deals, and TR for 1.00$ seemed like a deal to me. I installed it, updated it, and played. Lots of fun, but I could see the lack of end game instances, at least the raider in me could. That said I know they added some really nice end game content now, but it’s too late.

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