Come be a WoW-CoW

wowcowBoom chicken CoW-WoW, as they say. (Somewhere. I’m sure they say that somewhere.) Subtitle: because the world needs another guild recruitment post.

However, in case any of you are looking for a home, or a new home, in Warcraft, here’s the skinny.

Casualties of WAR were formed last year shortly before the WAR launch, as a “by and for bloggers” effort, and have expanded into Warcraft. You absolutely don’t have to be a blogger to join, though you may want to be careful, the blogging thing seems to be contagious. I wasn’t a blogger (LJ doesn’t count) and look at me now.

Games have come and gone, but our ambitions have not. Our lives have changed. Where ten hours /played was once just a start, it is now our entire week. As guilds progressed, we blogged. As new dungeons rolled down the line, our sick dog forced us to sit idly by. As our children slept, we played. We now come forth, like-minded and joined. We are the Casualties. (Genda)

We’re on the Rexxar server. The idea for CoW-WoW, where most of us are second-time-arounders in Warcraft, is to stop and smell the roses. We’re not rushing to level. There’s no obligation to log on and when you do, there’s no obligation to do anything in particular. Plenty of us are solitary explorer types, but just as many are more group-oriented and would love a few other folks to do mall dungeon runs with or for long walks on the beach killing naga. Even if you start over you won’t be far behind most, and probably not for long at the rate one can level in WoW these days. We hold CoW-Altohlics meetings every Wednesday evening.

Let me reiterate: we’re casual. We’re mostly NOT level 80 yet. We’re not waiting around to do instances. The above paragraph isn’t the standard blurb that turns out to be bullshit when you actually join the guild. Ca-zu-al, that’s us. If that doesn’t appeal, or if you’re going to get mad because there aren’t instance groups running 24/7, there are plenty of guilds out there who do cater to that playstyle.

Here’s a post telling you how to apply. Read it and, ya know, understand; it’s not difficult, though it does require folks to be able to string together a couple of sentences or three. In a guild founded by bloggers? Perish the thought.

Here’s the forum where you actually apply. Start a thread, do yer thing. If the gods deem you worthy ($10 PayPal donations really help here*), your original pallid white forum name will mutate to orange and you’ll be CoWed for good.

As a social network, you can’t beat Casualties of WAR. As a harcore raiding guild — yeah ok, we won’t be getting the oscar on that this year. Or probably next year.

I’m an ESAK and an altoholic and I approve this post.

* That’s a joke. Really. Must… not…. insert…. link….

14 thoughts on “Come be a WoW-CoW

  1. I may have to make an appearance on Rexxar once they make the change allowing you to make a Death Knight on any server, not just the one where your level 55+ characters reside.

    I’m thinking a Gnome Death Knight, and a trip to the barber shop to give him a tall pink Mohawk should do the trick πŸ™‚

  2. Oddly enough I kind of want to make a gnome Death Knight too — they’re just so cute when they’re being threatening. πŸ˜‰

    But, like you, I need to wait for the make on any server patch thingy.

  3. I might come back to WoW after a few weeks off to play GTAIV. Playing Warhammer 40k Tabletop yesterday got me a little pumped to go back to WAR, too. I will have to choose wisely. Somehow, the lower level cap is starting the appeal to me more. Don’t know.

    Thanks for the comments about my blog. The banner is simple, but it was hilarious to me. Especially with my new blog name. It was actually inspired by the panda scenes in the recent movie Tropic Thunder. I was thinking of adding a drop shadow to them, but the wife said it wasn’t necessary.

    On the nose pot thing. You probably choked because the other nostril was plugged up. LOL. I did the same thing. It’s rough to run that thing when you’re totally plugged. My friend suggested taking a hot shower before use. I will say, I had a screaming sinus headache last night. I used it. And the headache was gone with no meds. I don’t know. I like it.

  4. The day WoW shifts to a GW business model, I’m there. πŸ˜‰

    Until then, I’ll pass, but wish you all many happy monster hunts!

  5. Hahah Theerivs, you sound like me and hunters. Or me and alts in general. πŸ˜‰

    Edit — oo oo so you’re a good person to go to for mage spec info then, eh?

  6. One of my favorite WoW CoW guild philosophies is no Power Leveling. Meaning, if you run a dungeon you do it with people the same level. Sure you can take a group of 80’s thru Dead Mines as long as your all 80 lol.

    Basically, we want to experience the game at the normal pace it was intended to be experienced without being dragged thru the content by a big brother or sister. Sure, that means you level slower, but that is the point. No need to rush, there isn’t anything you’ll be missing because we’ll all get there at the same time.

    I’ve been in the guild for almost 2 months and I’m still 33 while I’m sure others are in their 40’s and 50’s only because I want to get as much Darnassus rep as I can so my dwarf can sit proudly on his Night Elf Cat mount. This time, I’m doing everything I didn’t do before, which is making for a much better and enjoyable experience.

    As Ysh said, stop and smell the content…it’s the best you’ll ever get to see, if you take the time.

  7. The only reason the level cap is in play for my choice is that I haven’t capped a game in a LONG time. I think EQ2 I capped originally when 50 was the cap. Before that, I capped SWG. That’s been about it.

    I thought I was going to cap AoC as I got a pretty good jump on it and made it to 40 pretty quick. After that, though, the game fell apart unfortunately.

    In my typical long-winded way, I guess I’m saying I’ve been a stop and smell the content kind of person for a while. It’d be nice to cap, even if just to say I have lately.

  8. It’s all good. PvP is seriously lacking, but i’m just taking it easy right now. That said, I’m having fun, a lot of fun.

  9. With everything I’ve done in EQ2, I’d never start from scratch again in that game. Also, that’s the game where my RL friends are. I’d be playing, whether I wanted to or not, with my old guild there.

  10. I actually reactivated my EQ2 account when I cancelled WAR, but I’ve yet to really do anything. I’m enjoying the relaxed atmosphere in WoW right now with the CoWs and working on increasing my Xbox 360 achievement score. lol

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