11 thoughts on “Blogroll admin foofery

  1. Incoming Pull is a new site that has Stylish Corpse on its blog roll. Keep up the great work (and hell of a blog name, I love it).

  2. @ Youngblood – thanks. It’s entirely due to the large amount of corpses I’ve left in games over the years. If you have to die a lot, you may as well look good doing it. 😉

  3. @Makkaio: No sir, and boy do I wish there were. There is a file format for XML called OPML that saves XML files (which just happens to be the language of RSS feeds) and formats it into a universal “outline” format so it can be trasnported across multiple platforms and applications. I have one atttached to the bottom of my blogroll.

  4. Just giving you a poke about being on the blogroll – From The Forging of Fire and Ice is mine. As an added bonus, it’s reminded me that, no, for whatever reason, I didn’t have you on mine either. Thought I did. Regardless, that’s fixed!

  5. You just don’t love me, I know how it is sniffles. Poor Way of the Chosen, stepchild of the blogging community.

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