Tomorrow is another blogging day

I’d meant to write more guild-related stuff today, but the day started pretty much at 60 mph and hasn’t really slowed down since. I had a brief period of respite which — foolish me! — I used to check for new Google reader entries. Which was when I came across Syp’s first Age of WAR Blogging shoutout post, which meant I then spent the next precious 45 minutes quickly checking out some of these newcomers (welcome all, if any of you read this) and then, inevitably, cleaning up my reader feeds. I’ve now got around 70 feeds instead of the almost-100 I had before, and all I did was prune the ones that hadn’t been updated in over a month, or where people had officially stopped writing and I’d just forgotten to unsub.

I’ll clean up the blogroll here a bit at some point, too. But not now. Now I have to go back to doing what I should have been doing for the last hour, namely: working. It’s tough to skive off when you’re working for your mother, I tell ya. She can pin me with her gimlet gaze from way over there across the Atlantic. (On the other hand, if you tell her you’re sick she’s more likely to tell you to eat soup and stay warm than to threaten to fire you.)

It’s remotely possible I’ll do a proper post later, but looking at my posting stats (and just knowing myself), I much prefer writing in the mornings. That wasn’t the case in my night-owl days, but I think doing Morning Pages for a few years ended up sticking with me, even if I don’t actually do those right now. (Yes, yes, I should.)