2009 – Sunday is Haiku Day!

crimsonkingLet’s see if we can keep this up for more than a week, eh? I’ll probably have forgotten all about this by… oh, tonight. I need them to get cracking on those in-yer-brain PDA implants, since I keep forgetting where I put my little reminder papers.

So, yes. Haiku Sunday, and today’s theme is…. (hunts for inspiration)…..(searches in bottom of coffee mug)…. socks!

Do not mock the sock
It’s the ghost in the machine
The washing machine

Give me a break, ok? It’s 7:30 AM here and I’ve only had one cup of coffee. (Note to self, wait for second cup consumption before posting.)

1 thought on “2009 – Sunday is Haiku Day!

  1. An imp with chopsticks;
    Thief of the tumble dryer.
    Eating my odd socks.

    Cold feet in winter.
    That stupid Tenacious D:
    Rocking my socks off.

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