All quiet on the southern front

42-16215875It’s Christmas week, so I expect I’ll be forgiven for a reduction in content output. Also, I’m not entirely certain whether you lot want to hear about anything other than WAR, though I’ll admit that hasn’t stopped me until now. I may post later, or I may be a lazy, no-work-on-right-now git and just play all day.

Right now, however, I’m all Christmassy spirity, panicking about last-minute gifts I not only haven’t yet bought but have no clue what I should buy, humming carols when I least expect it (not a pretty sound, trust me), and generally being all good will to man (and woman) kind of thing.

I hope your week will be as good or better, and certainly no worse.

2 thoughts on “All quiet on the southern front

  1. Merry Christmas, Ysh! Hope to hear from you before the New Year. I don’t mind if you post intimate things. Go right ahead! Like that time you single handedly beat the crap out of 10 barnyard animals while running through the newb zone in WAR? Ah…a classic. πŸ™‚

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