The continuing story of Bungalow Ysh

I haven’t logged on to anything but WoW this week, and it’s been a lovely break. The beta that dare not speak its name has has some rather ropey patches; nothing truly unexpected, that’s what betas are for, but now and then I hit my “gah!” limit and have to play something simple and, most of all, stable. I have a pretty good tolerance for stuff like that but when you’ve had enough, you’ve had enough. So, I played WoW.

I’ll say this for it — it’s stable. Before you think I’m damning with faint praise, that’s actually very high praise coming from someone like me with my MMO track record. Vanguard: not stable. WAR: depending on the patch and the computer, not always stable. Various alphas/betas: never very stable to begin with.

So last weekend, Ysharros the Hunter was born, but she languishes on a trial account I made before I a) remembered my old account details and b) realised that I had a free Burning Crusade trial on the old account. My main, if I really have to have one, is now Icewolfe the Draenai hunter. I know, I know, I’m sorry… I like hunters, ok? They’re fun. Plus, I’m a pet freak and always have been. Rangers in AD&D, creature handler in SWG (then beast master, but we’re not going there); if a game has a pet class, I’ll play it.

icewolfe-with-pet-around-16I could have gone looking for one of the named pets, but I had fond memories of my old dwarven hunter’s snow leopard, so Icewolfe went off to Loch Modan ahem, I mean Dun Morogh — to get herself some cat. If anyone knows of a white (really white, not scabby pale grey) wolf that can be tamed, do let me know.

It’s been over three years since I last played WoW, and I have to say some of the changes are extremely welcome. I gather the pet changes I’m so chuffed about are fairly recent; I can’t say much about pet talents yet because Ice & Opal only just hit 20 yesterday, which is when pets start getting talent points, but I will say this: the pain has been taken out of pet levelling. I don’t know if that remains the case all the way up the levels, but now I can actually consider getting a pet that’s way lower level than me and not have to give up weeks and weeks to grinding the little bugger up. A good decision, that one. (Again, one SOE could emulate in SWG with beast mastery. But hey, everyone does everything there AFK now anyway, especially since it’s been not only officially condoned but actually encouraged. Meh.)

But wait, there’s more. I’m an altoholic, you think I haven’t made alts yet? Hah! So far we have a priest — slooooooow levelling for me to 10, but I’m going to try and stick with it. WAR has taught me a little about playing clothies, and I enjoyed my priest years back in WoW even though she only got to 20-odd; I think she could be a lot of fun in the long run. There’s also a druid, because while it’s not a pet-class, it actually IS a pet class, even if bear form is fugly and water-thingy form is SO fugly it scares small children. And there’s a warrior — a class I meant to try way back when and never got around to; I wanted to play a smackety class but I’ve got bad, bad memories of the constant bufflet microcmanagement Pallies have to do (if that’s changed, let me know). Priesty is 10, Drood is 12, and the Warrior is 11. Much too early to tell anything about them, but I’d taken priest & drood to 25+ before so I have an idea what to expect. I’ve also got a Blood Elf hunter I made and got to 12 before I realised Casualties of War are on the Alliance side in WoW. Oops. There will be others — I have a hankering to take a Warlock higher than about 18, and also to finally try to play a mage.

icewolfe-and-opal-and-some-naga-bintThis past week, however, I stuck to what I knew and just explored the Draenei (and to a lesser extent Blood Elf) starting areas. Levelling seems very, very fast, not only compared to WAR (which isn’t much of a surprise) but also compared to what I remember. I think someone mentioned it had been speeded up, and it sure feels that way. I’m almost hoping it slows down a little, but with my altoholism it may not be a bad thing.

Oh, yeah, and Stormwind has a harbour now! Yes, I’ve been gone that long. There’s going to be quite a bit to rediscover, and I suspect I may find myself dual-wielding WoW and WAR, as JoBildo calls it. My trial has 3 days to go, as Blizzard just kindly reminded me by email; so far I’m leaning toward resubbing, unless something happens in the intervening time to make me decide otherwise.

This time around, I am going to play the way *I* want to play — which means I will not do instances if I can possibly avoid them, I will not raid, ever, and if I bloody well want to solo to 70 or 80 then that’s what I will bloody well do. If all I really want is to look for hunter pets and companion pets, or whatever other fluff I’m in the mood for that week, that’s what I’ll do.  Yes, they’re multiplayer games; however, until someone else is paying my sub for me, nobody gets to tell me how to play. I don’t grief and I’m quite sociable enough in channels — being attached at the hip to a group is not a mandatory condition of play.

Ah, tomorrow I may have to rant about the people who use the “multiplayer” in MMO as an excuse to whine about other people not doing what they (the whiner) want when they want it, be it in games or on forums. And if I ponder it now and then, I should have worked up a head of steam by tomorrow… or forgotten all about it. 😉

11 thoughts on “The continuing story of Bungalow Ysh

  1. Oooo yes! I actually bookmarked that yesterday when I came across it while looking for something else. Thanks for the reminder!

    I love it when other people are my memory. Just as well — I put mine down somewhere and can’t remember where it is.

  2. My understanding is that Named pets are no longer special, but that’s from conversing with an ex and perhaps she was just trying to confuse me!

    Glad you’re enjoying WoW again. It didn’t “stick” with me this time…maybe next time!

  3. The named creatures just turn into normal ones once you catch them, but they keep their special colouring.

    Pally buffing has been boosted in as much the normal buffs last 10 mins, and the group buff versions work on every member of the same class simultaneously and last 30 mins. Much less pain!

    Have fun, whatever you end up doing. Lord knows that these things are games and games are supposed to be fun!!

  4. WoW is a strange bread for an MMO, eh?! Soloing to level cap can be done & at times it feels the natural way to go. Especially with other players that like to hop from MMO to MMO at short notice.

    Me, well I’m looking forward to Northrend but am also hoping Outland isn’t as bad as it was for me the first time.

  5. I’m with you! While I enjoy grouping up to do instances and a raid here or there. I appreciate a game that allows me to solo as much as possible.

    I like to take in a game on my time, not on some else’s schedule. Maybe, in some ways, that was one of my problems with WAR. I liked to try and get the lay of the land in an instance…but NOOOOO…you had to fight! fight! fight! I also liked to explore RvR lakes, but I could do without getting ganked. That just wasn’t possible.

    My gaming habits are going to change a lot when the first of the year comes around. I’m going to get back to studying to make games instead of playing them as much. I’ve just been sitting way too long on this design course I’m taking.

    Plus, there are plenty of games coming out the second half of 2009 to prepare for. Can’t wait!

  6. I’m with you on playing WoW your own way. I’m on a break right now, but since I’ve already paid for a few months, I’ll probably be back and just focus on levelling and learning the classes with little or no instance running. That is once I convince my SO that really, it won’t take too much time or focus…

    Raiding in WoW takes way too much focus for my RL demands. For me, it’s two children and a third on the way, but I believe most people probably have something in their life that precludes the time that raiding in WoW takes.

  7. As a confirmed WoW solo player, I applaud your sentiments, Ysh. One of the best ways to get me to uninstall an MMO is to force me to group. I’ll play with other people when I bloomin’ well feel like it, not before.

    …I want henchmen in WoW. I guess that’s why I play a Hunter.

  8. Very interesting Ysh! A Port in Stormwind?! Though I have always been of the mentality that most people play the “good” side (alliance) to PvE and I am one to enjoy going out and killing players…

    Sounds like they’ve made some good changes and overhauls… my friends have been pushing me pretty consistently to roll an Alliance Rogue (though I’m not sure what server), I haven’t decided.

    What server do you plan on? I might make my decision around the beginning of January when my girlfriend leaves again =(

  9. Casualties of War are on Rexxar. Things to know are that we’re extremely casual and that Genda (the WoW-CoW GM) wants this to be a sort of progression guild, meaning folks are for the most part starting new chars and aren’t exactly racing through content. What with Xmas, real life, health and all that other happy crappy, it’s been pretty quiet on the WoW front since I got there, but they have folks who do instances and stuff.

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