Everybody’s got something to hide

… even me. My monkey, however, is innocent.

This will come as no surprise to anyone except maybe me, as I finally realise that I’m not an AC-junkie, or an EQ2 junkie, or an SWG junkie — what I am, is an MMO junkie. Corollary to that is: never say never.

When I quit WoW for the last time in summer 2005, I never thought I’d go back. Basically, I have zero interest in item-grinding and actually a negative interest in raiding, which together form 100% of what WoW is apparently about once you hit the endgame. (Oh yeah, and I don’t like that term either.) To be extremely blunt, it also got really tiring to find myself explaining to my guildies at the time that I. Didn’t. Care. that I wasn’t wearing all the latest and greatest purple shiz. Seriously — if all my stuff is “of the monkey” green, don’t worry yourself about it, okay? I’m happy with it. I wasn’t defending my playstyle 24/7, but it was often enough that it got pretty irritating. I don’t poke at people for spending months chasing one item in raids only so they can then spend months chasing the next item, which to me seems to be the absolute epitome of pointless gametime-wastage. So don’t question my game choices, one of which is not to care about WoW’s biggest carrot: combat stuff.

Ah, but there are many kinds of stuff, and some of the WoW stuff kicks the crap out of just about anything else out there except, possibly, EQ2. WoW has pets… but no housing. (SWG has stuff too but I’m peeved that after 5 years they still haven’t made a decent looking set of lounge furniture.) EQ2 has housing and some pretty awesome other stuff, but it still looks to me like it’s been spraycoated in plastic wrap (though it seems to be less brown than it used to be, judging by Pete’s screenshots).

So, um, with my WAR-RvR ennui and general beta fatigue for another game I can’t mention (coming on the heels of WAR’s pretty ropey performance in the past few months), and because of — ah crap, I have no real excuse. Bloggers I read have been talking about “stuff” and other bloggers have been talking about WoW, and of course CoW has expanded into Warcrack, and various people posted pictures of the cute companion pets — anyway, it’s everyone’s fault except mine, okay?

Saturday, I downloaded the WoW trial (which impressively took mere minutes), and spent the rest of the day reacquainting myself with Dark Elf starting areas (man I hate those Gnarlpine shamans). Sunday, I found out I had a free trial for the Burning Crusade… so I spent the bloody day downloading 18 million bloody clients. Trial = win, day downloading = yawn. Nonetheless, I did manage to make a character and spend a couple of minutes checking out the Blood Elf starting area. Those Blood Elves… they’re a little glowy, aren’t they? I was expecting more blood and less Kate-Mossyness.

Still, I’ll tell you one shameful thing: it is such a relief playing a game that has solid performance and good framerates. I hadn’t realised how utterly tired I am of performance OR looks, or of crashing regularly no matter what I do; this latter, admittedly, has been more of a problem in the GITICN* than WAR, but still — each crash reduces one’s overall gaming enjoyment. Get enough of them, and I get really really cranky(er).


* Game I Test I Can’t Name

22 thoughts on “Everybody’s got something to hide

  1. You picked horde?!?

    /slap Ysh

    Roll Alliance and come say hi to Fundrin or Begud will you? 🙂

    The way I’m seeing WAR and WoW lately is that they’re two halves of a really good sandwich. Alone, they’re okay but not my favorite. But when I slap them together, it’s like Food-Nirvana.

    I just play either one depending on what flavor I feel like tasting any given moment. If it’s a need to bash skulls, I hop on WAR, and if it’s a need for fun questing with the wife or even solo I hop onto WoW.

    I wish they were one game, really.

  2. Yea. I miss my Ysh…..Come play with us. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE

    If anything get on Vent, so I can hear that sexy accent. lol

  3. WoW always grabs us back for a sortie or two – don’t feel shame. Feel the shame when your playing something which you don’t enjoy…

  4. I’m constantly amused by how sheepish we all get about going back to WoW. 🙂 Play what you enjoy and the hell with what other people think!

    Sadly, WoW has not hooked me this time back. My new characters feel like rehashes, and my old characters have become so foreign to me that I don’t remember how to play them, and I haven’t taken the time to re-acclimate myself.

  5. Come `n play Ysh! There certainly haven’t been any uber loot drives in WoW CoW. Just a “hey, anyone want to join me for such-and-such?”.

  6. I’ll join in on the begging bandwagon. *on his knees* Please join in on all the fun and frivolity that *is* us! LOL. Oh wait…sorry guys…maybe I shouldn’t have said anything. I may have scared her away.

  7. That’s it, I’m quitting WoW NOW! 😀

    I’m going to fly solo for a few days, get my feet back under me, look around at the new things, see if it fits.

    @ Werit. Uhh.. the pets. That’s about it. Well, that’s not ALL of it, but it’s a lot of it. I’m a DPS player type primarily, and DPS+pet type before all else (you know, the one who always rolled a ranger in AD&D…).

    There may be more; I’ve been gone 3 1/2 years after all. What it definitely wasn’t was instances & loot & raiding — that stuff just doesn’t push my gamer-want buttons at all.

  8. Ysh! I’m a little sad to see you head back, but who knows… maybe I too will burn out on WAR soon!

    I miss the pets that actually do nothing, to be honest. I miss my snowman and my christmas gnome (both red and green). I miss my dragons. I miss my cat, dog, and bird!

    I think the collectibles and things you could show off were a huge attraction to myself as well. I had it all!!

    My problem being that I care about killing other players, and thus am forced to care at least in part about gear. I also don’t have 6 hours a day to do dungeons and HOPE I *MIGHT* get 1/25th of the badges I need to get 1 item. But you put it very well, that gear is the carrot, and gear will always be the center of Warcraft. If I cruise in ‘of the monkey’, there is a huge gap that sets me far below others.

    If I could get over that, I’d be back in WoW in a heartbeat. The class I played felt natural at my fingertips, smooth and fluent. The class was very introverted and self sufficient. I just CANT do the gear thing…

    Help! I want my pets back!

  9. I agree on chasing gear. It is also not for me. I see WoW as X levels of fun PvE adventures and exploration then quit.
    Right now my daughter and I are back into WoW for the holidays. Either 60 days are up or level 80 hits .. then I do the ‘I WIN” and quit.

    Good to see you went Hord.. I don’t know a decent person who plays Alliance ..
    *duck from incoming rocks thrown by fellow CoW guldies*
    (just kidding)

  10. Unlike WAR, I’m not constrained to one side or the other. 😉 And since I hadn’t tried the new races, I now have one of each. And and, since I’m a raging altoholic… there will be more.

  11. @ legmig — sorry you feel that way. I understand what you’re saying, but there’s a point at which not trying something (especially after 3 years) is sort of cutting off your nose to spite your face. I went back to SWG post-NGE too, when they brought in Beast Mastery (though admittedly… not for all that long). 😉

  12. I wish I could keep all of my subscriptions I’ve had to any MMO all the time. It would certainly help my ADHD. But unfortunately, finances don’t work that way. Right now, I would love to get back on Guard in EQ2 for a few nights. I’d also like try to give AoC another shot at level 60 to see if I could stand it long enough to max level. I’m back in WoW for two reasons 1. Guildmates 2. I’ll at least play it more than just a few days.

    I think the reason people keep going back to WoW is it has something for everyone. And that something is usually done well.

    Most of the new games today fill a niche. Even if that niche is to ride something a little more popular than the MMO itself. Conan fans and MMO players try AoC. Warhammer fans and MMO players try WAR.

    Also, don’t underestimate the power of advertising. WoW’s marketing has certainly helped get the game to where it is today.

  13. That’s a good point, JB — if a single game can’t offer everything I’m looking for (and at this point, none of them do) then grazing may be an acceptable alternative.

  14. Just discovered that one of the new cooking recipes creates Critter Bites, allowing you to throw them at any of the little wandering critters around the landscape, turning them into your vanity pets for 3 mins at a time.

    Fluff at it’s best!

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