Of chestnuts and codpieces and chicken necks

It’s very, very cold outside… well, for Texas, anyway, and we huddle inside our flimsy, slightly-thicker-than-paper walls while the north wind howls outside and drops these strange white things on the ground. Fortunately, they don’t last long. (It’s below freezing, which is rare enough here, and we had some sleet/snow/whitestuffwannabe overnight, though it’s not exactly accumulating.)

In other words, it’s perfect gaming weather. I do have work to do — every damn time I say “I’m going to take a few days OFF to really start recovering from the surgery” more work rolls in — but it’s not all that much and leaves some gaming time.

So: carry on with Ysharros, who has been slightly frustrating to play ever since I realised almost any other class has a better time of it… or make one of those peacock knights?

Pros: new char appeals to altoholic; no codpiece on females (have you SEEN those codpieces? Wait, how could you not! — right. So, no codpiece is win. Incidentally, googling “codpiece” for images, even in moderately safe search, gives some pretty scary results. Go on, try it – you know you want to.) Would be T1, at least for a while, which suits my comfort zone; Ysh is T3 and I haven’t dared set foot in a scenario yet.

Cons: chicken neck effect (so I’m told) on KotBS who carry shields; tank probably the least immediately-appealing playstyle for me.

As reagrds the Shadow Warrior, I don’t really care how everyone else is levelling, but I do care when I find it easier to level an Archmage than the DPS class. I may well not be playing Ysh correctly, and I have to admit the recent changes have helped quite a bit (including my own change of scout path to ambush path — sod RvR usefulness). Also, I haven’t actually played her since those changes, other than to note that they did make life quite a bit easier.

What’s holding me back is the memory of how awkward and time-consuming each fight could be rather than how they are now, so I really should give it another go, especially since DPS is my overall fave playstyle. Downside: I daren’t play any scenarios. I haven’t ever done any T3 scenarios (though ironically I got to do a few T4 ones in beta), and I’m worried. People get less and less tolerant as the tiers go by, and making a mistake tends to get you chewed out or worse. Besides, I don’t like to not know what I’m doing. I am not spontaneous, I am not a thrill-seeker, and I don’t much like the unknown; so all in all, T3 isn’t doing much for me right now.

In any case, the biggest lure of the KotBS — nuts and codpieces aside — is the lure of the new alt. I have no antibodies for that kind of effect, and I purposely left some alt slots open so that I could make a new char when these classes came back. Alt lure > almost anything, to the extent that I’m wondering if I really should find a 212-step (typo, but I’ll leave it) program. Then again, if I’m having fun, who cares?

I am going to try and stick a poll in this. I will probably screw it up, so I’ll publish this first.

11 thoughts on “Of chestnuts and codpieces and chicken necks

  1. Heh. We had 35cm of snow fall since yesterday. For those who are metric-system incapable, that’s about a foot and two inches of snow.

    Incoming rant so I’ll stop there. πŸ™‚

  2. Rant? Rant about what? Snow? That’d be interesting.

    But don’t rant about me and snow — I grew up in Switzerland, I know what snow is. πŸ˜‰

  3. As someone who just had 2 feet of snow in his backyard yesterday and none today due to rain…I could be picking up all the dog crap out there. But no. I’m a gamer. That’s what we doos. Grab a blanket…if you have any…roll up that alt…start playing and stop yer bitc…um…play…yes…play. πŸ™‚

  4. We miss you Ysharros. Your posts are slowing down!

    Anyway I cant see a poll yet but I must say: Do what you enjoy. If that’s feeding your addiction, do it! But SW’s really do pick up at the later levels. They dont deal the damage, but they sure do make the critical moves. The utility!

    Anyway, I think you’d like Tier 3 Scenarios. Okay, scenario. Its just Tor Anroc. Bunch of cliffs and bridges of stone with lots of lava! get in the lava, pretty much dead. But thats the fun! Angle yourself so people cant lava you, and knock them back into it! Level is not as important and neither is damage. Just laugh when 4 people are jumping through lava melting away!

    Miss your posts.

    Need. more. StylishCorpse!

  5. It was in the low teens here on Monday. Today its raining and in the 50’s… we got screwed!!! (I love me some snow!)

    What’s this about a chicken neck???

    Anyway, play an Alt that isn’t one of those silly looking elfs. Though girl elfs aren’t as silly looking as boy elfs, I’l admit. πŸ˜‰

  6. I’m not a good evening player, especially right now as I tire pretty quick. If you want to start a 6AM east coast group, lemme know. πŸ˜€

  7. We’ve gotten a little snow here around Houston today. Of course, it melts when it hits the ground, but this is still only the third time in 28 years that I’ve seen it snow here. I just watch it. Way too cold for a Southern boy.

    Does Fallout 3 have snow like Oblivion does?

    I had to type this twice ’cause the virtual snow keeps burying my letters.

  8. I definitely would love a static group with the leanness of the guild atm. I’d be happy to play whatever is needed that is level appropriate. I miss having lots of folks on.

    On a side note, if you don’t feel like going it alone starting an alt, I will start one. Up to play. MSG me in XFire if you are interested.

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