Time, what is it good for?

Nothing much, unless you don’t have enough of it, as is the case for me right now.

It seems the new tank classes have been released to the hungry masses today, and I don’t even have the time — nor the energy — to log in and make one. Me, Supreme Grand Altoholic of the Altonia Galaxy, unable to make an alt? What’s the universe coming to?

Doesn’t it suck when the necessity to pay bills and stay reasonably healthy cuts into your playtime? Sheesh!

Oh but wait, I did log in to WAR for a really quick “where am I, what was I doing, what’s all this crap in my mailbox?!” session a day or two ago, and it took me a few minutes of play before I realised that most — all? — of the paper-cutty irritating hitching was gone. I’ve not been keeping up with patching as much as I should, but it certainly seems as though the client updates they made (assuming they’ve been made and I’m not just imagining things) for RvR have also made a difference all round. This is A Good Thing (TM) and I look forward to more such “Let’s make the client sleek like the dolphin and not stompy bumbling like the hippo” action. And yes, they really do talk that way at Mythic. I know these things.

And last but not least, I’m trying to see if I can start an “I should blog more” meme, taking Ardua’s example.

6 thoughts on “Time, what is it good for?

  1. Hmph, you have time to add snowflakes to your blog, but not to play with us??! /cry

    Just kidding!!! Maybe you’ll be back in War more-often just when I re-up!

  2. Even if they did make me think something wacky was going on with my screen for a few moments!

  3. One of the great advantages of single-player games is the ability to take long breaks and not miss anything. I wish I had Fallout 3. πŸ™

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