Belated Metal

But better late than never. I have come to the Heavy Metal event almost at its end — I’m guessing it’ll be over in the next few days — but what I’ve seen of it has been fun, and has made it fun to be back in WAR.

Note to self: don’t do ORvR while on painkillers. I’m not the sharpest tack in the PvP box at the best of times, but yesterday I let a poor Witch Hunter die like a dog in the road 20′ behind me while I ran on, obliviously ignoring chat. Crow pie followed. Thank you Sir may I have another! (I did — they killed me next, of course, since I was standing there like a KillMe flavour lemon in the middle of the road.)

The Witch Hunter was surprisingly gracious about it, considering.

And Reikland Factory scenario is fun, I think. It’s hard to tell — it takes me a half dozen or so runs through a scenario before I have a clue what’s going on, and RF is kinda laggy for me, so it’s difficult to rubberneck AND figure out what partridge I’m supposed to pluck out of what pie tree in what location AND kill the bad guys AND, you know, if there’s time, take the flags and win the scenario. Not to mention that it hasn’t popped that often for me — I’m playing a T2 character, which helps, but my playtime has been unintentionally off-peak lately, which doesn’t. I have a few tasks left to go, but I did get my spiffy Heavy Metal cloak. I’m wondering, in fact, whether I won’t simply run a few other characters through the non-scenario tasks just to see if I can get their cloaks. Nice looking, especially when normal cloaks are still broken.

And now the neat segue to what still really, REALLY irks me about WAR. I think I can probably encapsulate it thus, in the age-old, many-games-company-uttered line: “Client issues? What client issues? The client has no issues.” Inevitably followed a few months later by “Oh, those client issues. Yeah, we’ll look into them, someday. Maybe.”

One, the memory leak. Oh yeah, there is one. Running WAR + Firefox is funny, for a very short while.

Two,  the fact that when I turn off my cloak and helm on MY client, those changes are not reflected on anyone else’s client. I know that since the spousal unit’s desk is right next to mine, so it’s not hard to check. So even though I go to all the trouble to turn off the fugly elf helm and the fugly white (which shouldn’t be white, but it’s broken) cloak, it only works ON MY OWN CLIENT. What, exactly, is the point of that? Oh, and of course it only works if I don’t zone anywhere, either. Pfft. Two (b), I also really don’t like that it takes forever to log in and out, and forever squared to quit the client. What’s up with that, anyway?

Three, performance, especially in RvR, but apparently that’s going to be looked into.

Four — there was a four, but I don’t remember what it was now, so we’ll Holy Hand Grenade it and pretend we never got this high.

For all its issues though, Warhammer is a fun game. The issues I have with it are irritating over time, and I may need sanity breaks so I don’t start to hate the game when what bothers me is really client stuff for the most part; but I’m also relatively confident those issues will be addressed.

Now, if only they’d move up the career tweaks. It was nice doing a little more damage with my SW on the test server, and coming back to the creaky PVE with Ysharros… naaah. I’m playing my Warrior Priest instead, since there isn’t anything much in PvE they can’t handle.

3 thoughts on “Belated Metal

  1. I bought a 60-Day Time Card at Amazon’s Black Friday sale yesterday, so now I know I’ll definitely be back to War. Probably in January. Definitely not until the new Tank patch is in, and that’s sometime in December, right?

  2. I personally was looking more forward to the combat tweaks than the Heavy Metal event, so hopefully it does make it to the live servers in December!

  3. @Pete: Aye, sometime before X-mas they say. So likely that Tuesday, lol.

    The combat tweaks are glorious. The responsiveness is nearly WoW levels. I can’t wait for them.

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