The last picture show

That “Hollywood mogul” game I mentioned in passing yesterday is in fact The Movies, and it’s turned out to be a pretty fun little tycoon game. I didn’t get much past the tutorial section yesterday, but already I’d had my main star walk off the set (overworked, underpaid), my main director get stinking drunk the second I built a bar on the lot (what was I thinking?!), and promoted nobodies to being stars, even if their reviews called them the worst thing ever to come out of Hollywood.

It has a sandbox mode that I’m keen to try, though I suspect it will suck me in and so I’d better be prepared to spend a few hours sitting down, which I’m not quite ready for yet.

In other news, and please don’t send the mob over, I only just saw Iron Man. Mmmmm Robert Downey Jr, so much better without the drugs. Reasonable script, good directing, good acting. The special effects were okay too, I guess. (Kidding. Please, don’t light the torches. They were great.) Tonight, probably The Incredible Hulk; unlike some I didn’t mind the Ang Lee version, except for his eternal and overdone self-consciousness (Ang Lee’s, not Bruce Banner’s); but I also like Mr Norton, so we’ll see.

And maybe in there I might be able to get in some WAR. It’s presumably too late to ever complete the Heavy Metal stuff, but that’s okay since I knew I was likely to miss that — there’s little point in being able to unlock a class early if you can’t make & play one anyway, so I’m content to wait till they’re officially there. Besides, if I really want to try one out, I can hit the test server.

I’m fairly sure I’ll make a KotBS anyway. Which means I have to NOT make either an Engineer (and little Minkie is there, already made, just never levelled) or a Rune Priest. Or delete one of my existing, played, chars, and we all know how likely that is.

4 thoughts on “The last picture show

  1. I enjoyed Iron Man too, I found it a little rushed, sort of like I find most of the Marvel movies (aside from X-Men 1 and 2).

    I didn’t hate the Ang Lee version of the Hulk either, I wasn’t too keen on the transitions that were used and multi-camera shots. It just seemed out of place and more TV-show like than comic book. The new one is pretty good. They had some decent sets for a really good fight, but didn’t really use them (bottle factory – hello? awesome place for a fight with a super powered enemy!).

    Overall, not a bad movie.

  2. I have that game. I played it a bit, definitely something different. Not sure I have the patience to really make my own mini-movie with it though.

  3. /sarcasmOn

    If you really want a treat, you should play the video games that accompany each of those movies.


    Really. I want the couple days of my life back. Oh…that’s right…

    /sarcasmOff Dammit!!! /sarcasmOff!!!

  4. Iron Man, by far, is one of my favorite comic book adaptations. The Hulk with Ed Norton was better than passable, unlike the Fantastic Four Movies, but it could have been soo much better, course I didn’t see it in the theater just on DvD and not Blu Ray.

    I find that it’s rare when a comic book adaption does well. The problem is that once they find a get a series that works, like Spiderman and Xmen, they tend to abuse the series by turning them into over hyped action bonanzas, like the third spider man movie or the second and third X men movie, which should have been soo much more, but wasn’t. Hopefully, the Wolverine and Captain America movies will do much better in translation.

    Some graphical Novel adaptations are fantastic, like 300 and Sin City, but they use a different style to make it more appealing to viewers. Which is why I’m hoping that the Watchmen does well when its released next year. But sometimes when the change the style it can go very badly like, The Hulk with Scott Bana and The league of Extrodinary Gentlemen. With Comic book movies, its a hit or miss, mostly miss. Which is a shame since I use to be a huge comic collector in college.

    If you like The Movies game, you should try Rollercoaster Tycoon 3. It’s a lot of fun. I’ve not played it in a year or 2, but it was one of my favorite sandbox games. I was never into the whole Sims or Sims 2, I’m more of a Sim City type person.

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