The last picture show

That “Hollywood mogul” game I mentioned in passing yesterday is in fact The Movies, and it’s turned out to be a pretty fun little tycoon game. I didn’t get much past the tutorial section yesterday, but already I’d had my main star walk off the set (overworked, underpaid), my main director get stinking drunk the second I built a bar on the lot (what was I thinking?!), and promoted nobodies to being stars, even if their reviews called them the worst thing ever to come out of Hollywood.

It has a sandbox mode that I’m keen to try, though I suspect it will suck me in and so I’d better be prepared to spend a few hours sitting down, which I’m not quite ready for yet.

In other news, and please don’t send the mob over, I only just saw Iron Man. Mmmmm Robert Downey Jr, so much better without the drugs. Reasonable script, good directing, good acting. The special effects were okay too, I guess. (Kidding. Please, don’t light the torches. They were great.) Tonight, probably The Incredible Hulk; unlike some I didn’t mind the Ang Lee version, except for his eternal and overdone self-consciousness (Ang Lee’s, not Bruce Banner’s); but I also like Mr Norton, so we’ll see.

And maybe in there I might be able to get in some WAR. It’s presumably too late to ever complete the Heavy Metal stuff, but that’s okay since I knew I was likely to miss that — there’s little point in being able to unlock a class early if you can’t make & play one anyway, so I’m content to wait till they’re officially there. Besides, if I really want to try one out, I can hit the test server.

I’m fairly sure I’ll make a KotBS anyway. Which means I have to NOT make either an Engineer (and little Minkie is there, already made, just never levelled) or a Rune Priest. Or delete one of my existing, played, chars, and we all know how likely that is.