Auntie Moo wants YOU!


Casualties of WAR is reopening recruitment to more than just friends and family. Here’s the announcement. CoW is on AVERHEIM on Order side and MONOLITH on Destruction side. We’re smaller than we were at launch, but committed (or should be, boom-tish) to WAR and casual gaming in general. Most of us have more desire than time to play, so when we do get to play we want to be able to do it with smart, articulate, and generally fun people.

That’s why there’s an application process. “Lemme in gild kthxbai” won’t get you in. We’re not asking you to write Ulysses in your app, but a few sentences about who you are and what you like to do isn’t going to make your fingers fall off, so get typing. Also, we have pie. Or is it cake? Might be cookies. I forget.

Also, Real Soon Now (TM) Casualties will expand its presence to other games. More info when there’s more to be passed on.