Heavy Metal looms, patch recedes (slightly)

I’d say “Like my hairline” except I’m not male so that, at least, isn’t currently one of my issues.

I’m mildly anticipating this WAR Heavy Metal event, so I’ll most likely be logging on to see what that’s all about. I was also interested to see this come up on the Mythic Herald feed — I’ll quote the first part, if you want to read the rest just clicky this linky. In short, Mythic remain attentive and responsive to their players, by which I don’t mean they run headlessly to and fro trying to please whoever yells loudest (at least I don’t think so, but I don’t read Warhammer Alliance or Vault Network boards). They do, however, listen… and then they even take action — the former would be amazing in itself to a scarred, bitter old SWG veteran like me*, but former + latter is like mana from heaven. They still can’t get me logged in or out in any timeframe quicker than a short ice-age, but I do believe that might one day happen because I might possibly just start to acknowledge the remote possibility that Mythic might actually care about its game and playerbase. I know, it’s insane, right?

Anyway, here’s the quote:

When we launched our Public Test Server last week our goal was to create a place where we could test and iterate on ideas/initiatives/bugs with our subscribers in a non-LIVE environment.  Our plan was that no patch would make it through the PTS until we were sure that it was tested thoroughly and properly.  Patch 1.0.5 (Combat and Careers) is a perfect example of how this system is supposed to work. Thanks to the data and feedback we’ve gathered over the last week we are going to make some major changes to 1.0.5.  First, the Combat and Careers portion of the patch is being moved to 1.0.6.  We have made enough changes that we have decided to let them stay on PTS a while longer for additional testing.  As I’ve said before, we will not rush these changes on to the LIVE servers until we are sure that they have been thoroughly tested and that the changes are working the way that the designers planned.  It was evident throughout the testing process that some of the changes needed to be reconsidered and some changed outright.  Thus and secondly, we are making the following changes to certain careers:

* Though actually some parts of the NGE aren’t that bad and others are outright improvements. Hey, put away the pitchforks!

5 thoughts on “Heavy Metal looms, patch recedes (slightly)

  1. That’s a very smart thing to do. Instead of pushing out changes that aren’t 100% tested, they’re holding them off. My guess is in 1 or 2 weeks we’ll see 1.06, and then 1.1 by mid-December.

    Plus we can all test out the KotBS and BG on the test server. 🙂 I just hope I don’t like the KotBS more than my IB, or I’m in for a world of hurt. It takes me long enough to level as it is!

  2. I agree. Sadly, as work luck would have it, I have a werry werry important 9,000 word financial (yuck) document to translate ideally before the end of today.

    Heavy Metal will launch most likely without me, damn them, unless work goes so well I can sneak off for an hour to check it out.

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