Turn that whine into wine

I’m going to try to spend a week, one short, lousy week, NOT being negative. I don’t mean about everything, that would kill me — though if I managed it, I think it would qualify me as the Dalai Lama’s successor, too — just about games. Hell, just about WAR.

When I crash to desktop, I shall smile. When some wanker with too much scrap metal and a large sword smashes my face in, I shall thank him for the personal attention. When 4 of my T1 team-mates clog up the Nordenwatch bridge so we all end up pulped, I’ll treat it as a learning experience (I hope they bloody learned not to do that!). When the UI yet again fails to do what it’s supposed to do (like keep my chat windows where I put them and let me move things around my bags without constantly dropping them off the mouse pointer), I will realise that we’re all just human.

Well okay, maybe not, but I *will* try really hard not to bitch and moan about it. Mainly I’ll try not to bitch about it out loud (or Vent, or Guild chat or whatever), but I will actually try not to let myself be so bothered by it.

As a usually calm and collected friend pointed out to me, there’s only so much negativity one can take before all the positive people (who are also only human) have had enough and blow a gasket. Besides, it’s part of managing one’s expectations. I don’t expect WAR to be perfect, and to log in expecting the UI bits and other stuff that bothers me to be fixed from one second to the next, when I know there hasn’t been a patch, is just unrealistic. Unrealistic expectations are a waste of time and — topic of the week elsewhere — a waste of fun.

Try it. From today to next Friday. I will, because I want to see if, like expectations, managing my negativity can impact my game experience; actually I know it can, because I’ve done it before. It’ll be nice to have some uncomplicated fun again.