What I see is not what you see?

Protected by Firefox and NoScript and Adblock and general good sense in terms of where I browse, I don’t even think about ads on sites anymore. It didn’t even occur to me that this, my own (free, not hosted by me) blog might have ads on it.

Ewww! Yuck! … Does it?

If you see ads here, please let me know (presumably only on the site itself, though I have a few feeds that come through complete with ads — which is despicable in my really not at all ‘umble opinion). It may sway my decision to host this myself. Sadly, I would then also have to find a host other than Hostingplex (or whatever the hell they call themselves now), who are cheap and who give you what you pay for, which isn’t much, at least not in terms of page loading times. Anyway, that’s a ponderation for another day.

10 thoughts on “What I see is not what you see?

  1. There are no ads on your site.

    People install all kinds of crap-ware on their system, and that crap-ware writes ads onto web pages. There’s nothing you can do about it.

    That said, if everyone used ad-blocking software, the internet would be a much emptier place and a lot of us would be out of work.

    Hammer of War Online wouldn’t be able to pay you, or anyone. Neither would my employer.

  2. Aye, I know. I don’t object to advertising per se (might as well object to the bloody tide & call myself Canute), but I *do* want to choose when (never) and where (nowhere) I see them.

    Thanks for the confirm, though. I didn’t think there were any ads here, but since I never see them anyway… you never know.

    Edit — hold on, HoW payment… I forgot all about that! I’d be writing it anyway, because I’m that sad dedicated to WAR

  3. I don’t use ad blocking software, but flash is just annoying (and a security risk). I guess I am a simple person and I like simple ads.

  4. If you block flash, you should get a static gif image instead, and the site you’re visiting still gets paid for the “impression”. So blocking Flash = OK. Blocking Ads = “I don’t want the person who wrote this article, the designer who did the images for it, the IT department that supported it, etc, etc, to get paid for their hard work.”

  5. I see your point, Pete, but with all due respect to the people’s work (and they’ve been paid for it up front usually), I still don’t want to see ads. As far as I’m concerned it’s my choice, just as I don’t have to watch them when they’re on TV — zipping past them on the DVR is much the same thing.

    I should add that banner adverts and stuff don’t bother me all that much. It’s the Flash stuff, popups, and other whirly make-your-eyes-bleed stuff I don’t feel the need to subject myself to.

  6. They’ve been paid for it up front from the income generated by advertising.

    Anyway, this isn’t the topic of your blog so I’ll drop it here. It is something I feel strongly about, since feeding my family directly depends on people letting ads load.

  7. The topic of my blog is what I say it is. 😉 That said, we both seem to have valid and strongly held positions regarding advertising, so we may have to agree to disagree.

  8. Ysh, WordPress in general doesn’t do ads, but as per their policy, they do reserve the right to do some small advertising. There was an article about it on the WordPress main site a month or so ago.

    I don’t see any on your blog, for what it’s worth.

    I do love AdBlock, though.

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