Google Reader

In one of those weird synchronicity things, I’ve been spotting questions about RSS feeds and readers all over the place lately, and have been asked directly a few times.

If you already have the 411, scroll on by. If you don’t, here’s Google Reader and here’s a Tour of da Reader. Also, the obligatory Wikipedia entry thereon. Yes, there are other aggregators out there, but if you can type you can search for yourself — besides which I’ve only ever used Google Reader and I’m comfortable with it. It took me about 18 seconds to set up the first time, 2 seconds to figure out how it works, and no time at all to start adding feeds. READING the 75 bloody feeds I have now is another matter. I also have no idea about starred items, shared stuff, friends, all that kind of crap — I have no friends and I don’t share!

One other thing I discovered not long ago (since I only discovered RSS feeds/readers myself about 10 weeks ago (noob!)) is that your favourite blog, forum, whatever doesn’t have to have an RSS feed button-clicky-linky-thingy. No indeed. All you need to do is copy the URL of the place you want a feed from, hit Google Reader, and paste the URL into the handy-dandy Add Subscription box.

googlereadersubAny easier and you’d have to slap yourself while doing it, just to provide a modicum of challenge. (Also, see what I did there in the screenshot? I may be a noob, but damn I’m clever — and subtle!)

What I see is not what you see?

Protected by Firefox and NoScript and Adblock and general good sense in terms of where I browse, I don’t even think about ads on sites anymore. It didn’t even occur to me that this, my own (free, not hosted by me) blog might have ads on it.

Ewww! Yuck! … Does it?

If you see ads here, please let me know (presumably only on the site itself, though I have a few feeds that come through complete with ads — which is despicable in my really not at all ‘umble opinion). It may sway my decision to host this myself. Sadly, I would then also have to find a host other than Hostingplex (or whatever the hell they call themselves now), who are cheap and who give you what you pay for, which isn’t much, at least not in terms of page loading times. Anyway, that’s a ponderation for another day.