5 thoughts on “Fame at last…

  1. Akismet is the best defense, followed by a plugin that automatically closes comments and ping backs after X days. I don’t know if wordpress.com support those things but if they do, that’s your solution. 🙂

  2. Akismet is integrated into WordPress somehow so yeah, it’s working fine. I’m just surprised — I almost thought they were legitimate till I realised they just randomly pull stuff around them to make themselves seem marginally legitimate.

  3. Just wait until they start discussing your posts in message boards. Then you’ve really arrived. That’s when you put on the thick skin armor +12 and learn the subtle art of trolling.

  4. Actually I hope that never happens. I don’t particularly want to be famous, especially not that way. I may never post again!

  5. OH NO! What have I done!? To tell you the truth…your blog is one of the more refreshing and well thought out blogs I’ve read in a long time. I’m glad you started writing.

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