WAR Server Transfers, Round 1

I must be channelling Syp again, to post this much; that or his mind control device is finally working.

Anyway, the Warhammer Herald announces the first round of transfers, for:

Free Character Transfers – Round 1

Source Servers


Destination Servers

Tower of Doom
Sea of Malice


There are many details you need to read carefully, etc etc. You may also encounter the usual Internets traffic jam, so be patient.

EDIT — update: Transfer service is back up and working nicely.

Update- 10:45AM EDT: The Free Character Transfer service is temporarily offline while we perform maintenance to resolve the issue players are experiencing. Thank you for your patience!

A little more info:

Character transfers are currently available, free of charge, from select low population servers to select medium population servers. Server transfers are currently limited to the same rule-set and are only available to characters of Rank 5 and higher.

All characters must be logged off for the duration of the transfer. Transfers are immediate, but please be advised that during high traffic times the final transfer could take several hours to reach the top of the queue. Once your character transfer has been completed successfully your character will be available to play on the new server.

There are special options for guild leaders to transfer guild rank and renown, and the expected caveat that the transfer might not be instantaneous, and that it might take a few hours for a char to show up.

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