Casualties of WAR recruitment reopens

I shouldn’t bother with any text and shock the lot of you who expect 12,000 words. Far be it from me, however, to disappoint.

Casualties of WAR has reopened recruitment now that launch month is over and done with. We’re a pretty active guild with branches on both Destruction (Thorgrim server, though we will be moving once transfers open) and Order (Averheim).

The Guild Charter is here; please read it if you intend to apply. There are application guidelines also, and they are there for a reason. “I wunt to join ur guild cuz I is cool” only works if a) you’re an Orc in real life and b) you append more meaningful info. CoW was started by bloggers, and while not everyone is a blogger there it does have a lot of smart, articulate and funny people, so we want to know whether you can string words into coherent sentences.

Couple of caveats: CoW isn’t a very hardcore guild. We care about RvR and whatnot, but RL obligations come first and nobody is being made to give out their phone numbers for 3AM keep defense calls. If that’s what you’re after, there are plenty of high-quality hardcore guilds around, and places like the Warhammer Alliance forums can help you find them.

Secondly, this recruiting phase is friends, family and recommendations only. This is partly to help the friends & family who missed out on the last recruitment phase, and partly to make sure that we have at least some acquaintance with the people applying. Reading this blog is probably not a valid qualification, though if I’ve interacted with you (here or elsewhere, especially in game) then you’ll probably get the Yshy Seal of Approval(TM).

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