RL hits like a truck

So, yeah. I’m not comfortable writing this (my personal life is, well, personal) but there are actually a few people who read this and who might wonder if I don’t produce my usual long-winded ramblings in the next few days.

My grandfather died 10 days ago. I didn’t find out until today, for various reasons involving transcontinental families, people not liking to leave phone messages, and the usual weird disconnect that happens when you lose someone you’re very close to.

I’m at the numb stage, and likely won’t be blathering about WAR in the next few days. Take this time to click at least once on every single link in my blogroll. It’ll exercise your mouse hand, and your brain.

8 thoughts on “RL hits like a truck

  1. Very sorry to hear about your loss, Ysh. Please feel free to PM me or something if you need some moral support or a distraction or anything I can offer.

  2. Ouch, Ysh. That sucks. My condolences.

    If you need someone to call a noob and to laugh at, I’m always on standby. 😉

  3. Hey Ysh, sorry to hear about your grandfather. Come on out to play when you’re up to it or just need to goof a bit.

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